So there went another August!

Compare Monthly Archives: August 2005!

Best month for a long time!



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Floating Life:  3,426 visits up from 2,259 in July.

  1. This brush with fame I didn’t know about! 1,047 views in August
  2. How good is your English? Test and Answers 320
  3. Australian poem 2008 series #17: "Australia" — A D Hope 229
  4. Australian poem: 2008 series #8 — Indigenous poetry 192
  5. Home page 175
  6. Conflicting perspectives 140

This blog had 5,179 visits compared with 5,578 in July when “Australia’s Got Talent” really kicked in.

The photo blog has had its best month so far this year at 1,227 visits.

Ninglun’s Specials had  1,047 visits, up on July’s 815.

  1. Family stories 3 — About the Whitfields: from convict days 77 views
  2. DSL collection – Chinese Contemporary Art 54
  3. Surry Hills 49
  4. Home page 43
  5. 05 — Old Blog Entries: 99-04 39

Floating Life April 06 to Nov 07  had 3,042 visits compared with 2,824 in July.

  1. Friday Australian poem #17: Bruce Dawe, "Homecoming" 692 views — 15,674 total views since November 2007!
  2. Two Australian poems of World War II 435
  3. Assimilation, Integration, Multiculturalism: policy and practice in Australia since 1966 1 243
  4. Teacher Pride Rules! 243
  5. John Howard: bullying expert extraordinaire… 183
  6. Friday Australian poem #11: "Because" by James McAuley 155

English, ESL — and more! had 11,650 visits in August, down 1000 from July. Still 376 a day is pretty good for a blog that is no longer updated!

13 thoughts on “So there went another August!

  1. Hey, if it’s not too personal, why are you living in a motel? That’s something for drifters and miscreants here in the states – two things of which you are neither (really, I’m guessing here :)).

  2. Phew! That’s good news. I didn’t want to tell you what happened at a Bate’s motel up here in the US. And now I don’t have to. I’m glad that you are not in a Bate’s motel. Those owners are… persnickety.

  3. Regardless, I think you’re alright. You need to be blond and a woman to be worried. WAIT! You’re down under! Isn’t Australia all “east is west, black is white, up is down and wrong is right”? Worry, Neil! Worry a lot!

    All I’m saying is, lock your freakin’ door when you take a shower. We have to keep you safe until at least Jan, 2020, so I can make fun of you for calling the teens your final decade.

  4. I’ve already figured out what I’m going to say to Neil:

    Jan 1, 2020

    Hello Neil. The aliens that conquered our planet in 2018 have given me permission to rub your face in the fact that the 2010s were not your final decade! Haha, you’re still alive!!!!

    Ok, back to the cheese mines…


    As you can see, my future response depends heavily upon aliens invading the Earth, the moon being made of cheese, and me being moved to the cheese moon for slave labor. All of these things are as plausible as AGW, so I’m sticking with my futuristic prediction.

  5. Oh no! Australia is done with Jesus? I imagine this is going to come back to bite you. He’s not vindictive, but his Dad sure is. Remember Job? And he didn’t even do anything wrong. You guys are totally screwed :).

    Fox News Radio/Todd Starnes) — Christians in Australia are accusing national education officials of “Christian cleansing” in response to pending changes in school books that would remove references to the birth of Jesus Christ.

    The government would replace the terms BC, Before Christ, and AD, Anno Domini, with non-religious language. The new terms will be BCE (Before Common Era), BP (Before Present) and CE (Common Era).

    A spokesman for the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority told The Herald Sun that the new terms were an increasingly common standard for the representation of dates.

    Peter Jensen, the Archbishop of Sydney, told The Daily Telegraph that taking references to the birth of Jesus Christ out of school books was an “intellectually absurd attempt to write Christ out of human history.”

    “It is absurd because the coming of Christ remains the centre point of dating and because the phrase ‘common era’ is meaningless and misleading,” he told the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

    Fred Nile, a minister in New South Wales, told the newspaper it was “an absolute disgrace” and the “final insult” to Australian Christians.

    • What a stupid stupid controversy! I used BCE regularly when teaching Ancient History in a Jewish school as long ago as 1988 and felt absolutely no qualms about it.

      Fred Nile is a pinhead and a joke as anyone in Sydney or NSW will tell you. The Jensens are fundamentalists.

      Go and find something worth worrying about. Fact is we don’t even know for sure when Jesus was born, but for sure it was actually BCE!

      Believe me. I’m an English and History teacher!

      You won’t find anywhere in the gospels an injunction to use Jesus’ [unknown] birth date as a calendar year 1. [There’s no year 0 — hence our arguing about when decades and centuries begin or end.]

  6. I thought it might be a dumb controversy. Most controversies revolving around religion of any sort are. But just a head’s up: If you say BCE or CE, people will assume that you are Jewish or a hater of religion (not an atheist – a hater of religion. Atheists have little trouble with AD and BC). It’s like if you call your husband or wife a ‘partner’, people will assume you’re gay. There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s just one of those things.

    I tell you this on this day, September 3, in the 2,011th year of our Lord, CE.


  7. I don’t understand your comment. If you know your history then you know that AD is historically correct. After all, the year number relates to Jesus’ birth. Using CE is politically correct (and more than a little insensitive to the guy who singlehandedly got the year reset to zero), and AD is historically correct. If CE is historically correct, as you say, then what happened to change us from the previous era to the current one?

    So I stand by my assertion. Except to refine it to say that you are either Jewish, PC, or a hater of religion with a special hatred for Christianity. I should of used ‘and/or’, because none of those are exclusive.

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