Counting our blessings (while reading “The Weekend Oz”)

There is a fine series going in The Weekend Australian at the moment. Part 2 was today:


Look at what Newspoll found on two issues:



I wonder what a US result would have looked like? So yes, I am counting my blessings and recommend we all do the same – which is not to say all is well, but comparatively we really are a lucky country!

I see also John Howard adding to his autobiography: John Howard: where Labor went wrong. Not much of a surprise in what he says, and he’s pretty much right as it happens.

I have a question running on Facebook at the moment: Will Julia Gillard see out 2011 as PM?  The four people so far (including myself) are equally divided between yes and no. What do you think?

Also in The Oz today: Tampa refugees resurface as Kiwis. Alan Pryke’s photo says it all really…


The guys are a little toey. It’s 4.30pm and as it’s Ramadan, they are fasting. No water, either. For a moment, the rain clears. The sun peeps through dark clouds. "Four seasons in one day," says Zak, channelling Neil Finn, while Ali and Ameen smile at the allusion. "When we first came the whole world was suspicious of us," Zak says. "They might be thinking that we were terrorists or people who might have a negative impact in their society. But we, the Hazara people are not like that. If we are offered one help, in turn we would try and respond with two or three helps. We are not like, we get something and that’s it, we walk away. If you raise your hand to shake hands, we hug you. We remember always the kindness," he says, warming to a conclusion.

"The message from me for the Australian people is that these Hazara people, they didn’t leave their country as a choice. They left it because they were forced to. No one wants to stay away from their family, no one wants to run away from their homeland, no one wants to leave their loved ones behind, spend a whole lot of money, put themselves in danger. They do it because they are not safe. They’re not terrorists or people who have a negative impact on society. We try to do our best, if others let us."

So what the hell has the whole sad saga then and now been about? I mean, you really do have to ask that…

Finally, I roared with laughter as I read Phillip Adams today. He is totally unfair but also totally just!

…Let me state this clearly. The only reason for the oblate spherical planet campaign was to help con men such as Columbus access research funds for spurious expeditions.

My friend Lord Monckton is a direct descendant of Samuel Shenton, the aristocratic Englishman who founded the modern Flat Earth Society in 1956. Bishop Pell, my distinguished religious adviser, who’d long opposed the heresies of Galileo and Copernicus, promptly formed the Australian branch.

It hasn’t been easy to win the flat earth fight when 99.9 per cent of “scientists” oppose us in a vast conspiracy. But recently we’ve turned the tide of “group think” on the issue. We’re now flat out persuading a majority of Australians to become flat earthlings…