One year!

“After doing the necessary business, Sirdan and I had a great lunch at a brasserie at South Beach.

“Key handover happens on Friday. Moving (me, not Sirdan) will occur over the following couple of weeks. I have a lot of sorting and culling to do…” – 18 August 2010.

Pic from First post from West Wollongong!

Pic from First morning in West Wollongong (26 August 2010).

Sunday 29 August 2010: “Sirdan is on the train headed for Perth, so no Sunday lunch today. Instead I travelled up to Sydney, went to South Sydney Uniting Church, then to Elizabeth Street to collect more stuff, and now back to Wollongong. The move will be completed when Sirdan returns…”

From Wollongong Library

I introduced Mr R to the delights of the Yum Yum Cafe yesterday afternoon. In the course of conversation about books I mentioned Wollongong Library stores my past borrowings. Lately these have been:

  1.  The lost and forgotten languages of Shanghai fascinating
  2. Ninth square ordinary
  3. Back to Bologna very funny – Aurelio Zen mystery.
  4. The invention of the Jewish people provocative, important, fascinating, challenging
  5. Two sons in a war zone : Afghanistan : the true story of a father’s conflict for its content rather than style
  6. A taste for death P D James. What can you say?
  7. God of speed Oz writer Luke Davies on Howard Hughes – very good novel.
  8. Blood moon by Gary Disher – Oz crime fiction. Good plot, sometimes a bit heavy-handed politically.
  9. The lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot : a new look at betrayer and betrayed – scholarly
  10. Devil’s peak by Deon Meyer – excellent South African crime fiction which also gives quite an insight into the  country now.
  11. White riot – excellent British thriller – very topical, in retrospect.
  12. When pigeons fly to nowhere “ Stefan Raicu was born and educated in communist Romania. As a teenager and young adult, he experienced the hardship of life behind the Iron Curtain. He completed an Economics Honours degree in 1978 and then together with his wife and young son, migrated to Australia in 1983. He currently works as a freelance Accountant, Finance and Business Adviser in south-western Sydney.”
  13. Rattle his bones : a Daisy Dalrymple mystery amusing
  14. Around Africa on my bicycle – Riaan  Manser – good, but I didn’t finish it!
  15. The Atlantic Ocean : essays on Britain and America by Andrew O’Hagen – this is a wonderful collection of essays.
  16. A case of two cities – Qiu Xiaolong  — Excellent!

Currently I have out:


Image: John Burtt, ‘Batman’s Treaty with the Aborigines at Merri Creek, 6th June 1835’, c.1875.