Watch this, folks! James Delingpole is hilarious!

Back in June I posted Not seen — yet? — in Australia: ABC please note. SBS has taken it on, I am happy to say.

Climate science has become a battleground since leaked emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit reverberated across the world. Activists vandalise genetically modified food crops. Parents refuse to vaccinate their children from potentially fatal diseases because of one discredited piece of research.

Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel laureate cell biologist and the President of the Royal Society, wants to find out why science is suddenly under attack and how scientists have responded.

As part of this quest he meets some of the key protagonists; from the Professor at the heart of Climategate, to an HIV sufferer who denies that HIV causes AIDS and refuses to take any medication.

He spends a day as a science journalist on a national newspaper – and he visits the most secure and highly protected potato field in the UK.

He examines the science of climate change to ask why it is that public support for the concept of human induced climate change is falling. As he travels across the US and the UK he learns that the core problem is uncertainty – new discoveries often seem to complicate rather than simplify the science. And where there is uncertainty, in the public’s mind, there is room for doubt.

In the 21st century there is no automatic acceptance of a scientist’s word. They have to earn that trust. Paul wants to find out what scientists need to do to earn, and keep, the public’s trust.

It’s on tomorrow night at 8.30.

The loquacious Anthony Watts, radio weatherman in the USA and serial cherry picker, cites Christopher Booker’s review of the program.

Horizon’s “Science Under Attack” turned out to be yet another laborious bid by the BBC to defend the global warming orthodoxy…… Hours of film of climate-change “deniers” are cherrypicked for soundbites that can be shown, out of context, to make them look ridiculous…… Although Sir Paul presented himself as the champion of objective science, he frequently showed that, for all his expertise in cell biology, he knows little about climate…

The deniers looked ridiculous because they really were ridiculous. James Delingpole is a tosser! You don’t believe me? Watch the program.


James Delingpole – can be amusing…. But…

“James Delingpole is a libertarian conservative who writes brilliant books and brilliant articles, and is really great on TV, radio and the internet too.”

He says so himself.

Christopher Booker knows rather less about climate than Sir Paul Nurse, and not much more than I or the average guy in the pub…

To highlight the level of inaccuracy and falsehood in skeptical journalism the Guardian launched a prize in 2009 to be "presented to whoever crams as many misrepresentations, distortions and falsehoods into a single article, statement, lecture, film or interview about climate change". This was called the "Christopher Booker prize."  The first nomination was inevitably Christopher Booker for an article about arctic sea ice with six errors in 900 words.

Not that the True Believers care a toss about that. Witness the continuing devotion by the likes of Alan Jones for the egregious and error-prone non-scientist Lord Monckton. (My June post also deals with him.)

So do watch. Be informed for a change. Too much of what you see and hear in the media is disinformation. This is not.

See The Independent’s review.


7 thoughts on “Watch this, folks! James Delingpole is hilarious!

  1. deniers are always crowing about the ”thousands ” of dissenting scientists who disagree with the agw consensus. and yet when it comes to the media they only produce none scientists like delingpole or monckton. maybe those ”thousands ” of scientists are imaginary? hilarious

  2. Hi Neil,

    I am new to WordPress but not to James Delingpole [JD) (although he refuses to engage in debate with me (see my An open letter to [JD] on my new blog) – possibly as a result of the consequences of his attempt to outwit Sir Paul Nurse).

    I have an Aunt in Australia who has told me about this SBS programme (I thought it was just a re-broadcast of the BBC’s Horizon one in January?). However, if not, then maybe he has not learnt his lesson!

    Please do pop by my new blog and have a good rummage around, I believe you may like what you find (especially the post entitled “The problem of arguing with a sceptic” [do not miss the P.P.S at the bottom]… and the discussion appended to my ‘About’ page).

    However, if I may, can I ask for your help too (because I do not seem to be able to find the answer on the global Home Page or within the Dashboard Help function). Surely it must be possible for other WordPress users (and/or external Search Engines) to find individual blogger posts based on their tags (as opposed to words in the titles and/or categories)?

    Yours hopefully,

    Martin Lack
    Creator/Author of “A truly Biospheric blog on the Politics of the Environment”

  3. I have had a look at your blog, Martin, and am adding it to my Google Reader set. And yes, the program we saw on SBS is the Horizon one — I had seen it already via the Internet.

    There is a confusion on WP about tags and categories — they seem to have been the same at first. I rarely use tags myself, relying on the categories to do the job.

  4. Thanks Neil. Forgive my ignorance but (even though I am on Googlemail), I do not know what a Google Reader set is (what does this do – is it like becoming a friend of a page on Facebook?).

    With regard to the categories/tags issue, I have opted for tags because just about everything I post will (in some way or another) relate to the environment; and I am used to the concept of tag clouds. However, if someone can only find themsleves tagged by coming to my blog first; that is a major disappointment!

  5. Oh I see, a sort of personal best-picks from your surfing of the Internet – thank you very much indeed.

    I hope you found your way to “All that is wrong with the “market place of ideas””; as it is this that has my summary of JD’s stupid interview with Nurse and a link to a video of it with an outrageous 6-month-old comment by femfikon (it surely cannot be long before this is deleted?)

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