2011 recycle: More on Sunday’s excursion


Capturing Stanwell Park through the train window – you only get a short time to try. This one from yesterday isn’t too bad!


Capture from video footage taken between Helensburgh and Waterfall.


Again video capture: Sirdan in the Green Park Hotel.

There’s a fascinating story about nearby Green Park.

Alexander Green arrived as a convict in 1824 and became the assistant hangman in 1828. By the time he moved to Darlinghurst Gaol in July 1841 he was described as very ugly, with pockmarked skin and stumps for teeth, of simple mind, with a large scar, from an axe attack by a prisoner, down the side of his face. Green was given a whitewashed hut to live in outside the eastern wall of the gaol in modern Green Park but was forced to move inside the gaol walls when larrikins attacked his house and burnt it down in 1842. Alexander Green was eventually declared insane and dismissed in 1855. After hanging 490 people in the colony in his lifetime, he was admitted to Parramatta Asylum in 1856 and remained there until his death in 1879.

In the 1860s this site was earmarked for ‘accommodation for aged and infirm females’ but this plan did not proceed and the site was instead granted to the council for a public recreation ground in 1875. Despite the coincidence of Alexander Green’s association with the area, the park was actually named after Alderman James Green who represented the district from 1869  to 1883….

Sorry about the anticlimax! I still like to think it memorialises the hangman.

Sunday the video!