Edublogging and I–with an aside on classroom management

Wednesday 02/21/2001 6:58:03pm

Name: Peter Peterson



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City/Country: Sydney

Comments: The sunset on the home page (only page i might add) is really pathetic. whats a sunset doing on a yr 10 class web site i wonder. Whitfield you really need a new pic for ur site.

**Agreed. I’ll look into it. NW


Not the sunset pic “Peter Peterson” complains about there, but just as irrelevant!  The item comes from the remaining ghost of my first attempt at edublogging – even if the site wasn’t strictly a blog.


The site itself is long gone, but the guestbook remains – and that image is linked to it.  When I think of it I was a bit of a pioneer there! 2001! I had only been using the internet for one year by then, having emerged from almost terminal technophobia at the end of the 20th century. Anyone remember guestbooks?

Saturday 05/05/2001 11:57:28pm

Name: yr11



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Comments: interesting site. maybe it should be extended to all years. itd b really useful then, plus the english department would be the first to have its OWN site (i think)!! make history. lets try to nag someone like ****** into making one.

ten years on

Of course I am no longer in the game.

The site above morphed into English/ESL and eventually moved to WordPress. In 2002 a gig with Year 12 extension led to another go at more interactive edublogging using Diary-X, itself now just a memory. See a copy (minus the interactivity) at Workshop 06 — Year 12 Extension 1: pomo 2002.

Among the many now concerned with using ICT in education are two of my regular blog reads – Darcy Moore and Maximos62. And of course Thomas.

Yesterday I mentioned the ETA Conference – which continues today. Thomas and Mr R had a successful session, it appears, and I was quite chuffed when I was checking something else to stumble on what Thomas has been doing in a Year 10 class at his school. The platform he used is very like WordPress: “Edublogs lets you easily create & manage student & teacher blogs, quickly customize designs and include videos, photos & podcasts – it’s safe, easy and secure.”

Naturally I can’t reveal the address of Thomas’s class blog, but I can say it is a great success and is very well thought through. Even the most conservative critic of computer use in schools would have to be impressed with the potential in what Thomas and his class have been doing.

As an example of thinking things through, here are Thomas’s rules for his students.

This is our blog to develop our knowledge and contribute to our learning. Members of class will be participating in a class blog for the purposes of:

  • Responding to and commenting on curriculum topics and units as we study them;
  • Creating written projects/ media projects and commenting on each other’s work;
  • Reviewing and sharing study strategies before tests and quizzes;
  • Talking about varied points of view on a topic;
  • Discussing current events;
  • Making classroom suggestions, and;

To use the blog, you must agree to the following statements.

  • I will not use any curse words or inappropriate language.
  • I will not use fighting words or provoke anyone.
  • I will avoid the use of chat language.
  • I will try to spell everything correctly.
  • I will only give constructive criticism.
  • I will not use my full name, or the name of my classmates.
  • I will not plagiarize.

He goes on to outline penalties for breaching the rules.

I dips my lid, Thomas. Well done! But such a lot of work to maintain, I would think! Especially if you had one in each of five or six classes.

I did more recently have an active edublog for my coachees – until last year in fact. It still exists. At least one of last year’s coachees still visits it too. The material in his section is obviously continuing to be relevant in Year 12.


Something on classroom management from far away and long ago!