From the basement– passing the time while the wash finishes

Our parking area and communal laundry are down in the basement of The Bates Motel. They’re never likely to feature as attractions in real estate ads. Let’s say they “have potential”.

But even here you can find beauty on a day like this, unseasonably warm as it has been.


Mount Kembla seen through a gap in the brick network wall.


Mount Keira through the parking area fence.



View through laundry windows last cleaned some time in the 20th century.


That is the year that photo was taken. What better authority than Marilyn Markham (Berriman) Cronulla High Class of 68, who took it! It’s not the first time the photo has been here either. See Ah, the good old days!; How young we were!; More Cronulla High memories.

Now I find, thanks to Marilyn, that Cronulla High is having a 50th Anniversary Open Day and Dinner on September 17. Someone has published scans of the 1968-69 school magazine, which I edited and no longer have a copy of. I was shanghaied into the job, in fact – and if I recall it was during the summer school holidays on Cronulla Beach that Geoff McCaughan and his associates presented me with their piles of stuff…


The editorial note I wrote


Richard Priddy, I recall – correctly I hope, rather embarrassed me by

holding a pilot’s licence before I had my P’s!

I think he now has part of Antarctica named after him!


See Sir Edmund Hillary 1919-2008 and Nancy Bird Walton.

There were some excellent productions at Cronulla: The Importance of Being Earnest and Hamlet pictured below.

The late Paul Herlinger brought solid theatrical experience to the school.

Hamlet was played by Robert Dalton, a grandson of the poet Robert Graves.



I took that photo, and quite a few more in the mag! Go over the fold for more memories!

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