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WordPress shows last night as the busiest ever here on this blog, with 630 reads.

But I haven’t been using Australia’s Got Talent to trawl for hits – well not only. Winking smile  I have genuinely enjoyed the series and am still amazed by the variety and standard of the entries. There is no need for excess nostalgia about the good old days of Australian variety – these ARE the good days, right here and now!  Except for one thing: apart from shows like AGT there is very little programming on TV to showcase the talents we so obviously have. In that respect pre-“reality” TV was much better for the viewers and the culture generally.

But not to complain. I found AGT a real uplift week after week. Well done Channel Seven. All you have to do now is kill off or genuinely reform TDT and you’ll almost be worth watching!

The last two standing, both brilliant.

That behind the scenes footage, shot by a participant in the show, highlights something else: AGT has quite unselfconsciously reflected, indeed embodied, what a successful multicultural country Australia now is. Cherish it, people!

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  1. I wondered about “silliness” concerning Jack Vidgen mentioned near the end of the show. It appears to refer to this story.

    NSW Police say they have been made aware of a Facebook page that has allegedly made disturbing death threats against baby-faced singer Jack Vidgen.

    The 14-year-old from Manly Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches has been tipped as a favourite to win Seven’s Australia’s Got Talent in Tuesday night’s grand final.

    In recent days, Vidgen has been the focus of criticism over a song he sung on the show, Yes I Am, that he claimed to have written himself. Critics have since claimed he wrote the song with the assistance of others.

    While police would release no details of the Facebook page in question, it had reportedly contained disturbing death threats against the teenage singer.

    It is understood that the page has been reported to Facebook.

    NSW Police said they would launch an investigation once a formal complaint had been made by a member of the Vidgen family.

    ‘Police have been made aware of the Facebook page. However, at this time, we have not received a formal complaint from Jack Vidgen or his family,’ said a statement.

    ‘If a complaint is received, police will investigate the matter fully, as we would with any complaint regarding social media.’

    NSW Police said that while there are no specific offences in NSW dealing with social networking, charges can be laid against stalkers or those considered to be intimidating or menacing a child, if there is sufficient evidence.

    Sky News

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