Take time to savour the everyday wonders

… like the light in Crown Street Wollongong on Monday.


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Last post on AGT 2011

Sitemeter tells part of the story:


WordPress shows last night as the busiest ever here on this blog, with 630 reads.

But I haven’t been using Australia’s Got Talent to trawl for hits – well not only. Winking smile  I have genuinely enjoyed the series and am still amazed by the variety and standard of the entries. There is no need for excess nostalgia about the good old days of Australian variety – these ARE the good days, right here and now!  Except for one thing: apart from shows like AGT there is very little programming on TV to showcase the talents we so obviously have. In that respect pre-“reality” TV was much better for the viewers and the culture generally.

But not to complain. I found AGT a real uplift week after week. Well done Channel Seven. All you have to do now is kill off or genuinely reform TDT and you’ll almost be worth watching!

The last two standing, both brilliant.

That behind the scenes footage, shot by a participant in the show, highlights something else: AGT has quite unselfconsciously reflected, indeed embodied, what a successful multicultural country Australia now is. Cherish it, people!