Yea, the End approacheth–of July that is, and of who knows what else in the USA…

Jim Belshaw alludes to both in his post today. I will confine myself to blog stats, about which Jim is a touch rueful.

The end of the month is always statistics time. This month has seen a continued trend decline in traffic. It’s most pronounced on his blog, but shows up on all my main blogs.

The first reaction is to think that I have become too boring, but as best I can work out both the number of return visitors and  reader response (comments and emails) has remained about the same. The fall seems to be concentrated entirely in search engine traffic.

In the past couple of days the hard Left blog I’ve admired most announced closure.

The Renegade Eye blog, was born born March 26th, 2005. Today it is going into retirement, after 561 posts.

What an experience. If you read the blog, from the start, you can see my political evolution. Debate can change people. Can you believe I was pro-Iraq War at one time?…

I think blogging is in decline, since the birth of the social network. A blog can still be important, but it has to build a following.

There has been more political combat on this blog, than most others. It was fun at one time. Now its argument for the sake of argument. I tried to deal with my political opponents arguments, without attacking their humanity, as much as possible…

And that last feature was one of the many things I found to admire in Renegade Eye, even when disagreeing with it. Renegade Eye does promise a new project in 2012.

So is Jim observing a symptom of that decline Renegade Eye refers to? I posted almost a year ago on this: Blogging – so 20th century?.  I refer there to Blogpulse.



Total identified blogs: 166,535,614
New blogs in last 24 hours: 72,976
Blog posts indexed in last 24 hours: 1,013,990

5 August 2010

According to Blogpulse, there are more than 144 million blogs in the world, publishing 1 million posts per day. So there is some competition.

It is interesting that the number of posts per day has varied little, so perhaps the number of active blogs has also been about the same, despite the rise in identified blogs. I guess we need to unpick what “identified blog” means too.

My own blogs are showing a modest increase, especially this one – but, Jim, this is what happens when one blogs about a very popular TV show! Is that cheating?

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