Australia’s Got Talent 2011 Grand Final

Tonight at 7.30.



It’s been fun, but who will win?



Timomatic. That’s my bet…

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Update 10pm

Well, now I’ve seen it, and what a show! I really don’t know any more who’s going to win, narrowing it down to maybe 8 out of the ten. Jack Vidgen was amazing, singing his own song, and what a song for a 14-year-old to sing, let alone write! Better than his finals effort. David de Vito sang a song I like, but it was anticlimactic after Nessun Dorma last time. Cosantino was just totally brilliant. Benchmark very moving. Instant Bun so damn sexy! Mind you Timomatic was amazing too. Liam Burrows is really good but I do think “New York, New York!” may have pushed him just a touch too far for now. The Old Fella was hilarious but I’m not sure he should win, and much the same goes for the guy with the voices — good as he is. The Bandit I really can’t judge as I don’t really get it, I’m afraid.

So who? Oh well, next week we’ll know.