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Wollongong City Beach 1; Wollongong City Beach 2

2. Support someone in the City to Surf 18 August

In the spirit of Cadel Evans, you might say.

My attention was drawn by Mian Wang from the SBHS Class of 2004 – now in Wollongong.


midnight-basketball-june-26-2009-(32-of-148) -I came across these guys when I was trying to find a place to shoot around one evening in Redfern and ended up staying the entire evening helping out.

Midnight basketball pretty much keeps the youth off the streets and on the basketball court to make them work on their jump shot. In addition, they also provide dinner and transit back home.

The philosophy of keeping those less fortunate engaging in something like basketball is amazing in itself as there is an obvious correlation to a reduction in crime, violence and other social misdemeanours.

My goal is to raise $250 for the hard work these guys put in across Australia.

Your help would seriously be greatly appreciated,


He is referring to Midnight Basketball, linked to the picture above.

Sydney City 2 Surf 2009 Run EIesAAlIAHPl

2009 City to Surf – click for more photos.

“the world’s largest run and Sydney’s favourite sporting event”

Mian’s latest post:

With less than 21 days to go, it’s all looking tip top for he early Sunday run on August 14.

In the past fortnight there has been a couple of massive runs, a 10km in windy and cold conditions and a 5km in pouring rain has left lasting memories of Wollongong imprinted for life as one of the most brutal cities to train in (with a special thank you to the hill on Corrimal St).

With the stress fracture asymptomatic, the ITB’s looking sharp even after 10km, it’s down to the business end of things with some hill sprints this week followed by a long run both days of next weekend.

Will be in Sydney to do the Bay Run around Iron Cove this Wednesday afternoon (27th July) as the first proper time trial over 14km.

I will be donating $1 AUS for every second I run over 70mins in this years City to Surf and would like to raise at least $250 just in case my run will be spectacular so please donate with generosity!

Stay tuned and stay awesome,

Mian W.

God, he’s dedicated!

I find it interesting too to reflect on how people like Shanghai-born Mian have been blending into yet reshaping this society of ours. Makes you very hopeful. Shows Pauline Hanson was one very deluded old duck!

I found the next item on Mian’s Facebook.

3 Check this animation

This is so clever, even if I personally can take or leave the music. Of course it is also a good eco-message about Carmageddon.

4 SBHS connection again!

Class of 2002 this time. See also my 2008 post Fantastic, but another reason to feel old!