22 July–or July 22s


Wandering around Wollongong

This time last year I had just embarked on the house-hunting that would lead me to The Bates Motel. That photo is from Smiths Hill.


I wrote a post called In 1998,

Thomas did a post on this a few days ago. He was about 12, so I added a comment there about myself when in Year 6 – rather different from Thomas’s world. Of course I could (with a little difficulty) do 1948, if I chose – in fact I did a few years back. Or 1958 or 1968 – again done a while back. Not to mention 1978 and 1988…

In 1998 I was English and ESL teacher at SBHS and decided to upgrade my ESL qualifications. So I found myself back at uni (UTS) after a very long absence doing my Grad Cert TESOL – which was very good. Also I liked all those letters: Grad Cert TESOL (UTS) looked pretty impressive after BA (Hons) Dip Ed (Syd). ;) The lovely Jennifer Hammond wanted me to go on to Masters level, but I’m afraid I didn’t see the point at that time. M and I had been together for eight years. Wasn’t a bad year at all, 1998, and I had a rather nice Year 12 English class. I was as yet an internet virgin, having only a marvellous Brother PowerNote which had at least 32k of memory! But it was enough to do my essays.

I did spend rather too much time on Oxford Street, but as you will see from the essay linked above that too had its relevance.

And over on Blogger I published this pic – again:

jan04 006a

Summer will come again

This was taken in Surry Hills on 4 January 2009. Not the weather for this now!


How Different My Life Would Have Been If… — Anthony Venn-Brown. Now that is definitely worth revisiting.

Remember my account of the gathering at Pitt Street Uniting Church on the eve of World Youth Week? Now you can read  Anthony Venn-Brown’s talk, which he has just posted on his blog. You may recall I was very impressed at the time…


Sirdan and I at the Porter House… There must be something about this time of year that gets me reminiscing!

…contemplating age, over some red wines and beer, an excellent Irish stew and a steak. Pleasant but slightly melancholy thoughts on a winter’s day…

Item: this month is 17 years since I met M.

Item: M then was only two years older than The Rabbit is now.

Item: Sirdan arrived in NZ around the age The Rabbit is now.

Item: M’s big trek through China, Pakistan and India was seven to eight years ago.

Item: I have known Kristina for close on 20 years.

Item: I have known Simon H (and The Red Dragon) for around 35 years…

Item: September 2007 through to January 2008 M will be wandering South America.

Where does the time go?

Sirdan now has a mobile phone.


Homophobia is alive and well in too many places

3. U.K.: Gay Iranian denied asylum kills self (20 April).

A gay man who was fleeing persecution in Iran has committed suicide after fearing he would be forcibly removed from the United Kingdom, according to an inquest held on Tuesday.

Hussein Nasseri was found dead in his car in Eastbourne last June after shooting himself between the eyes with an air rifle. A coroner ruled Tuesday that nobody else was involved in the killing.

He had been refused asylum for the second time by the Home Office, despite his telling the asylum body that he would be killed if he returned to his home country.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingDon’t think this can’t happen here in Australia.

Go to the Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force, a group that gave M and me much needed support some twelve years ago; things are harder now than they were then.

For related reading, go to my English and ESL Pages: Diversity: GLBT Resources.


Distinguished Old Boy Delenio

He’s off to Cambridge in 2006 apparently. And he’s a regular reader of this blog…

He spoke very well at a school assembly today.


Delenio held off Cambridge during 2006 so he could complete Law. As far as I know now (July 2007) he is in Cambridge. But maybe not… See ABC Radio. (Hilbert Chiu is a practising lawyer and a student of Mediaeval Studies at the University of Sydney. — April 2007).

Still here, married, and in my Facebook Friends. Not sure he reads this so often now though.


Another ex-student has caught up with me (or me with him):  Russel Ward.

I am a web-developer, copywriter, and enthusiast of creative communications in San Francisco…

I’ve been an academic in Sydney, Australia, an advertising copywriter in London, England, and a web developer in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  Now I have followed my heart to San Francisco and I am keen to find work that will satisfy my drive to create and to communicate.

I call my business A Word in your Ear to suggest the type of trusted communications I strive to create. There is a certain intimacy surrounding most of the credible and important messages we hear, and which we pass on as word of mouth. Successful communications, especially online, involve such intimacy.

Please have a look at the Gallery to see a representative sampling of my work…

There’s some brilliant stuff on that gallery!

On Facebook Russel said: “Very happy to be reacquainted… it’s been some time and a lot of life since SBHS. All is going very well with me now… 1 year married to an English Professor at SFSU, moved to San Francisco and working as a web-developer… So you’re in Wollongong now? Still teaching English? I have fond memories of our school times…” Those times were 1986 through 1987! In 1988 – Russel’s last year? – I was at Masada College.