Lunch at Diggers – the pics are from July 7, however.




I did have the roast pork again though…

The company:


Former student, now criminal lawyer and folk singer – and father. Later I played the CD and was quite impressed. The title track is particularly good, about the singer’s grandfather (or great-grandfather) who was born and died pretty much where the Steelers Club stands today. I took this from the window there just a couple of days ago:


There’s no time like the present

Like the time he gave to me

He took the time to tell me

How things used to be

There’s no time like the present

Like the time he gave to me

His present was the past

As he shared his memories

— Stewart Holt “No Time Like the Present”


11 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. It was the pork, I think. Or the gay poetry. One of those. I hate to hear you say that this is your last decade. It’s not. You’ll have AT LEAST another two decades for me to make fun of your gayness, and for you to poke fun at my inability to understand gayness.

    We have twenty years of stuff to do, Neil!

  2. Thanks Neil, for your review and for your encouragement all those years ago both as my teacher and as a founder and editor of Neos.

  3. I’m so sorry. I meant my comment as praise. Honestly. But you’re so frickin’ gay! I just don’t know how to sidestep that. It’s just so fun and funny.

    I wasn’t kidding when I said we had a few decades of work before we understood each other.

    PS- All poetry is gay. It just is.

    • Darn. Did my ‘bitch’ comment stifle discussion? It was only meant to be humorous (well, obnoxious/humorous… you know how I am).

      Would it be better if I stayed entirely banned, Neil? I can still enjoy your site without commenting. It’s not as fun, but I could do it.

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