Look who’s at the rally along with A Jones and A Anderson… With friends like these…


Yep, The Skull – live and loud. I thought it was him when I caught Channel Seven’s account of the “people power” AKA “highly vested interests” rally against the Carbon Tax in Martin Place yesterday.

He does seem committed to the cause.

You may recall seeing him with Lord Monckton:


See Where are the loons of yesteryear? and Documentaries to make you think, cringe, cry, or wonder.. 2.

Meanwhile Tony Abbott may have made a few more friends – or not:

The opposition leader told a Melbourne conference that "market enthusiasts" should remember that the revenue raised from the carbon tax would go directly into the federal government’s coffers.

"It may well be that most Australian economists think that a carbon tax or emissions trading scheme is the way to go," Mr Abbott said on Friday.

"(But) maybe that’s a comment on the quality of our economists rather than the merits of the argument."

Prominent economist Saul Eslake was quick to return fire.

The Grattan Institute director said Mr Abbott only delivered the "cheap shot" because he couldn’t find a single economist to support his direct action policy.

One thought on “Look who’s at the rally along with A Jones and A Anderson… With friends like these…

  1. In case you read that Bob Carter thing in Sunday’s “Sun-Herald”: read Bob Carter still not entitled to his own facts.

    On the heels of his previous piece, Bob Carter has got another opinion published in a Fairfax newspaper, this time in the Sun Herald. (No link, I don’t want to encourage them — you can find it via Sou). Once again, the editor at Fairfax appears to completely indeifferent to whether Carter’s claims are true or not. I guess fact checking is too much work these day. See Sou for a detailed examination of many of the falsehoods Carter presents, but I’ll just pick out one of the more blatant ones….

    Whatever Bob is smoking must be pretty darned good!

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