Look who’s at the rally along with A Jones and A Anderson… With friends like these…


Yep, The Skull – live and loud. I thought it was him when I caught Channel Seven’s account of the “people power” AKA “highly vested interests” rally against the Carbon Tax in Martin Place yesterday.

He does seem committed to the cause.

You may recall seeing him with Lord Monckton:


See Where are the loons of yesteryear? and Documentaries to make you think, cringe, cry, or wonder.. 2.

Meanwhile Tony Abbott may have made a few more friends – or not:

The opposition leader told a Melbourne conference that "market enthusiasts" should remember that the revenue raised from the carbon tax would go directly into the federal government’s coffers.

"It may well be that most Australian economists think that a carbon tax or emissions trading scheme is the way to go," Mr Abbott said on Friday.

"(But) maybe that’s a comment on the quality of our economists rather than the merits of the argument."

Prominent economist Saul Eslake was quick to return fire.

The Grattan Institute director said Mr Abbott only delivered the "cheap shot" because he couldn’t find a single economist to support his direct action policy.

Sea Cliff Bridge

Nice bit of local trivia/colour in today’s Illawarra Mercury.


Sea Cliff Bridge

Forget Route 66 and the Champs Elysees – the Illawarra’s own Sea Cliff Bridge may soon become one of the world’s most recognised strips of road. seacliff

Since it opened in 2005, the 665m-long bridge (pictured) has been the backdrop for 42 film and television shoots and commercials, as production companies utilise its smooth curves, dramatic cliff backdrop and breathtaking ocean views.

And its star status is also on the rise in Bollywood, after a song sequence from the Indian film We Are Family was filmed on the bridge in 2009. The film, a remake of the Hollywood comedy-drama Stepmom, was released worldwide last year.

Anupam Sharma of Sydney production company Films and Casting Temple said the bridge was increasingly on the radar of Bollywood and other international clients.

"We get so many queries," he said. "It’s got so much character – the mountains on one side, the sea on the other – just one shot of a bridge like that says a million words."

According to RTA data, commercials for tyres, petrol, engine oil and cars form the bulk of requests for use of the bridge, with prominent brands Holden, Subaru and Bridgestone all making use of it.

In 2008, Korean producers of a Zic Engine Oil commercial reportedly shot in Australia solely on the basis of the bridge, which links Coalcliff and Clifton. More than 50 staff then converged on the region, including helicopter crews to capture aerial shots of the Illawarra coastline…