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This morning at Cafe Yum Yum, West Wollongong. I was reading about these two:


BRITAIN’S Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, has personally congratulated Julia Gillard on her carbon tax policy in a letter penned from the desk of 10 Downing Street.

In a clear embarrassment to the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, and his Coalition – who have vehemently opposed any price on carbon – Mr Cameron described the federal Labor government’s move on climate change as "bold" and "ambitious".

Mr Cameron said he was convinced climate change was one of the "most pressing threats to [a nation’s] prosperity and security".

"I have always been clear that in order to tackle it [climate change] effectively, all major economies will need to take robust action to curb their emissions and put their economies on a more sustainable, low-carbon footing," he said.

The Tory Prime Minister – who, like Ms Gillard, leads a minority government cobbled-together in a coalition of unlikely and ideologically contrasted political allies – reiterated his stance that the world’s largest economies had a responsibility to address climate change.

"Your announcement sends a strong and clear signal that Australia is determined to make its contribution to addressing this challenge," he said. "It will add momentum to those, in both the developed and developing world, who are serious about dealing with this urgent threat."…

It so happens that one year ago I posted this:

2010 Oz letter editor: disingenuous gatekeeper

Take today’s two on climate change. Such undistinguished and pathetic contributions to a pseudo-debate!

THE worldwide average temperature for 2009 was the warmest on record and 0.68C above the 20th century average ("Warming unmistakable — and worse here", 30/7).

But a more detailed reading of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s State of the Climate Report shows that the northern hemisphere made a significantly greater contribution to this figure.

The report also includes a section on greenhouse gases that acknowledges CO2 makes a contribution to the greenhouse effect, without qualifying the extent.

We should conclude that even though the world is warmer than the 20th century average, the rise is unlikely to be outside the normal range of variation over the long term.

It would be premature to attempt to reduce CO2 until a much clearer understanding of the other climate contributors are determined.

Peter Clark, Mount Gambier, SA

AS London diarist John Evelyn wrote during the winter of 1683-84 at the depth of the Little Ice Age: "Conditions were terrible with men and cattle perishing and the seas locked with ice such that no vessels could stir out or come in. The fowls fish and birds and exotic plants and greens were universally perishing. Food and fuel were exceptionally dear and coal smoke hung so thickly that one could scarcely see across the street and one could scarcely breathe".

Who in their right mind is decrying the progressive warming since the 17th century?

William Kininmonth, Kew, Vic

Take Bill first. Of course no-one is decrying the progressive warming since the 17th century. That is the strawest of straw men! I find it hard to believe such guff is worth printing. But I guess any crap he cares to write passes muster inThe Oz, given his distinct lack of objectivity on the subject….


2010 on the photoblog


2009: More on Indonesian terrorist bombing

See also Not again!

1. From Tikno in Kalimantan: Fatwa against terrorist

Dear readers, I create this post because I heard many terrorism issues that tend to be associated with Islam as religion. But through this post I want to say that it is NOT TRUE. If you say that it is personal responsibility, then I’ll say yes. I know some of you may be asking within the heart "Why you say that?"

Well, here is my explanation:

1) I’m strongly believe that there are still a lot of good Muslim, even far more than you imagine. I live in Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, and I have many Muslim friends here. They (my Muslim friends) are also condemns terrorism action…

And on the photoblog:

shills220709 010

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Yea, the End approacheth–of July that is, and of who knows what else in the USA…

Jim Belshaw alludes to both in his post today. I will confine myself to blog stats, about which Jim is a touch rueful.

The end of the month is always statistics time. This month has seen a continued trend decline in traffic. It’s most pronounced on his blog, but shows up on all my main blogs.

The first reaction is to think that I have become too boring, but as best I can work out both the number of return visitors and  reader response (comments and emails) has remained about the same. The fall seems to be concentrated entirely in search engine traffic.

In the past couple of days the hard Left blog I’ve admired most announced closure.

The Renegade Eye blog, was born born March 26th, 2005. Today it is going into retirement, after 561 posts.

What an experience. If you read the blog, from the start, you can see my political evolution. Debate can change people. Can you believe I was pro-Iraq War at one time?…

I think blogging is in decline, since the birth of the social network. A blog can still be important, but it has to build a following.

There has been more political combat on this blog, than most others. It was fun at one time. Now its argument for the sake of argument. I tried to deal with my political opponents arguments, without attacking their humanity, as much as possible…

And that last feature was one of the many things I found to admire in Renegade Eye, even when disagreeing with it. Renegade Eye does promise a new project in 2012.

So is Jim observing a symptom of that decline Renegade Eye refers to? I posted almost a year ago on this: Blogging – so 20th century?.  I refer there to Blogpulse.



Total identified blogs: 166,535,614
New blogs in last 24 hours: 72,976
Blog posts indexed in last 24 hours: 1,013,990

5 August 2010

According to Blogpulse, there are more than 144 million blogs in the world, publishing 1 million posts per day. So there is some competition.

It is interesting that the number of posts per day has varied little, so perhaps the number of active blogs has also been about the same, despite the rise in identified blogs. I guess we need to unpick what “identified blog” means too.

My own blogs are showing a modest increase, especially this one – but, Jim, this is what happens when one blogs about a very popular TV show! Is that cheating?

July’s top visits here

  1. Home page 1,728 views
  2. Australia’s Got Talent 2011 Grand Final 641
  3. Jack Vidgen–Australia’s Got Talent last night 321
  4. Semi-Final 5: Australia’s Got Talent 155
  5. Leaky Boat: the documentary 129
  6. Nostalgia and the globalising world — from Thomas Hardy to 2010 122
  7. Who to vote for on last night’s Australia’s Got Talent 108
  8. Australia’s Got Talent Final 2 92
  9. Whatever it takes… 88
  10. A very personal Australia Day 26 January – my family 86
  11. More disordered thoughts on “Leaky Boat” and the Q&A 72
  12. Yesterday 60
  13. Australia’s Got Talent Final 1 54
  14. Being Australian 16: inclusive multiculturalism Aussie style 9 – my tribes 37
  15. About 31
  16. They’re coming to take me away… 30
  17. Australia’s Got Talent–and more on talent 29
  18. Wollongong local history 28
  19. In the matter of David Hicks – 4 27
  20. Australia’s Got Talent 2011 Grand Final — my top 5 26

Spy planes target Wollongong! Global warmist plot exposed! Coming soon on your local Murdoch media!!!

And here is the proof! Even Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones have missed this one. Yes, you saw it here first!

Now is that sinister or what!

OK – it’s HIPPO.

HIPPO (Hiaper Pole-to-Pole Observations), is an acronym for a special atmospheric measurement project using a modified Gulfstream V jet aircraft. The plane, operated by the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, is instrumented with a wide range of equipment to measure atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases like CO2, flying from the North Pole to the South Pole. The data gathered by the aircraft will be used to improve computer models that predict future climate change. A number of ground-based measurement programmes, including the Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry group’s activities at the University of Wollongong, are also recording the concentrations of greenhouse gases from the ground, so the overflight of the HIPPO aircraft is an important calibration procedure for the aircraft and ground station measurements.

That flight was recorded in May 2010.

It does seem that despite being – or perhaps because being – Carbon Central, The Gong is a very active centre of climate research.


coal mining monument outside Wollongong Library

Just lately too the region has been getting a lot of attention. The Climate Commission has just released a climate change impact statement for the Illawarra and NSW south coast.  See stories in The Illawarra Mercury: Floods, fire threaten region, say experts; Tim Flannery urges sceptics to go to climate experts; Illawarra well placed for wind-driven future. I see most of the reader comment has come from climate  Panglossians. (The term "panglossianism" describes baseless optimism of the sort exemplified by the beliefs of Pangloss from Voltaire’s Candide.) This is typical but better than most.

Gees, don’t these boffins look out the window? And of course we get bush fires in the area, we’re in a high bush fire zone. It’s happened before and it will happen again. Same with those areas of the Gong that are flood prone, hence look out the window. We’ve had extreme drought and extreme rainfall. You don’t have to be a boffin to understand this. Once again I point out to Mr Flannery, that around Burrill Lake, historic information plaques point out the sea shore was 3K out to sea 6,000 years ago. Does someone actually pay them for this?

That’s what I’d call unreflective common sense. The writer has almost certainly not attended to any coherent scientific account of climate change, of which there are legion in a vast array of media from books to web resources to documentaries.

Wollongong-related, and going way back… I just find this next one really interesting, but the fact is this science has interested me since about the age of seven or eight when I had a geologist neighbour!

Back in the present:  2000-2009: The Warmest Decade — Long-Term Rise in Global Temperature Unabated. However, very recently: NOAA study: Increase in particles high in Earth’s atmosphere has offset some recent climate warming. Do note the modest phrasing there – “some”, meaning the trend upwards goes on nonetheless. However, it may be paradoxical to think that if we had a lot more really filthy coal-fired power stations – brown coal would do best – we might have a way to slow the rate of global warming, as long as we didn’t mind the disadvantages of all that sulphur. And look too at Michaels Mischief #1: Continued Warming and Aerosols for answers to someone who has made rather too much of the “it’s really cooling” furphy.



Patiently awaiting sea level rise – remnant wetlands, Wollongong Golf Course

Even I can remember fifty to sixty years back when this was swamp, sand hills and Tom Thumb’s Lagoon.

This is a shade before my time:


Be GAY be PROUD on Facebook today

Someone on Facebook has declared today a special event named as above.

Rather than write something new, I thought, given that I chose to “attend”, I would remind you all what I have already said. Explore if you want to.

In a semi-official capacity I compiled GLBT resources for my school’s Welfare Committee some years back. Many of the links still work.

The theme of this page may offend some, but my position is that such offence is less than the needless suffering, failure of self-esteem, depression, and even sometimes suicide, that dishonesty about this subject can lead to.

Nor am I advocating a “lifestyle”: to quote from an article mentioned below:

There is a big taboo about converting straight people to homosexuality. (Personally I think the chances of that actually happening are as good as your chances of getting kicked to death by a duck.)

This page is dedicated to understanding at least and acceptance at best.

In keeping with those ideas, look at these more recent items:


With apologies in advance, I reprise a less than heavy post:

I went searching, just to lighten up, for some really nice gay jokes. You know, not filthy or demeaning… Um… Well, there is, this with the usual apologies if you’ve heard it…

What a drag it is getting old…

When I went to the bar tonight, I noticed this old boy about 75-80 years sitting all alone in the corner and he was crying over his cocktail.

I stopped and asked him what was wrong.

gaysoldHe said: "I have a 22 year old lover at home. I met him a month or so ago, right here in this very bar!" He continued; "He makes love to me every morning and then he makes me pancakes, sausage, fresh fruit and freshly ground, brewed coffee."

I said: "Well, then why are you crying?"

He said: "He makes me homemade soup for lunch and my favorite brownies and then he makes love to me half the afternoon."

I said: "Well, so why are you crying?"

He said: "For dinner he makes me a gourmet meal with wine and my favorite dessert and then he makes love to me until 2:00 am."

I said: "Well, for goodness sakes! Why in the world would you be CRYING!"


Then there’s this site, whose owner states: First of all, I’m gay, so you know there aren’t going to be ANY anti-gay jokes here. Second, if you’re under the age of 14, get off the net, so I don’t have to censor my page. Third, these are all pretty clean, but still; proceed at your own risk, you’ve been warned. I’ll let you explore that on your own. He has "I support John Kerry" banners as well…

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