Semi-Final 5: Australia’s Got Talent

The cheeky lads didn’t make it past Semi-Final 4. Instant Bun, however, did.


Last night was another great contest. Again it is so hard to choose two, but I was really taken with these two, seen below in their auditions with Instant Bun at the side for added colour. Winking smile


The non-miming drag is a 52-year-old called Wayne. The twisted little boy is 17 and called Beau. He has ambitions for a career in the likes of Cirque du Soleil. He was so brilliant last night he is surely a shoe-in! The links there take you to their performances.

Last night:


Beau actually hit that target – and that’s just one bit of a mind-blowing routine!


Go Wayne! Priscilla, eat your heart out! The real point is that Wayne actually sings – and does he sing!