Hilarious moment on Australia’s Got Talent

Be interested to see how The Replicators go. I found their updated version of “Eleanor Rigby” was not really an improvement on the original, but that’s just me. But I do like their cheek. Here’s their who’s who:

Bad Boo Radley – Vocals / Eye Candy / The Wildest In The West…
Flower Boy Beau – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals / Bonafide Sharp Shooter…
Jesse-James Lovett – Drums / Shouting / Demolitions Expert…
Sherlock Mathason – Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals / Ninja Cowboy
Taxman Zac… Nobody likes the Taxman… – Bass / Backing Vocals / Killer Of The Undead

They’re 18, and Bad Boo did the most amazing mock-gay come-on with the compere, who seemed torn between embarrassment and pleasure! Winking smile




Watch them yourselves and see what you think of the song and the afters!


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