Hilarious moment on Australia’s Got Talent

Be interested to see how The Replicators go. I found their updated version of “Eleanor Rigby” was not really an improvement on the original, but that’s just me. But I do like their cheek. Here’s their who’s who:

Bad Boo Radley – Vocals / Eye Candy / The Wildest In The West…
Flower Boy Beau – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals / Bonafide Sharp Shooter…
Jesse-James Lovett – Drums / Shouting / Demolitions Expert…
Sherlock Mathason – Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals / Ninja Cowboy
Taxman Zac… Nobody likes the Taxman… – Bass / Backing Vocals / Killer Of The Undead

They’re 18, and Bad Boo did the most amazing mock-gay come-on with the compere, who seemed torn between embarrassment and pleasure! Winking smile




Watch them yourselves and see what you think of the song and the afters!


Two footnotes or updates: but not trivial

1. Update to GetUp Australia–campaigns, petitions, activism

The post where I trod on some toes over the idealism involved in the founding of GetUp Australia. Well today my Quote of the Week – if I had such a thing – would come from GetUp founder (and SBHS ex-student) Jeremy Heimans, who took the following pic in New York City:


Of course you don’t need to be told this is about this:

In the mid-1980s, when I was in college, what concerned and frustrated my peers and me was how few states had basic statutes forbidding discrimination against gay men and lesbians: laws that merely prevented someone from being denied a job or apartment on the basis of whom he or she loved. At that point only Wisconsin and the District of Columbia provided such protection.

Same-sex marriage? I don’t recall our talking – or dreaming – much about that. We considered ourselves realists. Sometimes idealists. But never fantasists…

— Frank Bruni

But that’s not the Quote of the Week. This is – Jeremy Heimans on Facebook:

It’s great to be a progressive – we get to extend rights, not deny them. And we do it with such joy.

See also Technology is a great tool – but it is people that will change politics by Jeremy Heimans and Tim Dixon.

2. Update to About last night’s “Send them back…” and Paul Sheehan

Oh dear: I’ll be watching Australia’s Got Talent again tomorrow night, I’m afraid.

Meanwhile please note while I shout: **** I LIKE TODAY’S PAUL SHEEHAN PIECE! *****. As an evocative bit of writing, that is. On the other hand “Minchin, Eric Abetz (who replaced Minchin as leader of the opposition in the Senate), Cory Bernardi, Mathias Cormann, Michaelia Cash, Brett Mason and the Victorian federal MP Kevin Andrews” are for me so many reasons why voting Liberal at the last election was a total no-no. 

Oh — do visit the photo blog: