8 thoughts on “Update to “We’ve just had a cool May”

  1. Neil, I need your help. I have a dear friend (older than you) who has a son (20 years younger than you) that is a drug addict. And he’s gay, which I imagine is very tough to be in Louisiana. I think he’s a crackhead, but he mentioned needles, so he may be a heroin addict as well. He’s at the low point where he wants to quit.

    I can help him with the drug part. I’ve done it many times, somewhat successfully. But I’m afraid I’ll screw up with the ‘gay’ part. I don’t know how to handle that. Never have. Please help me. He won’t be going in for treatment. It’s us helping him or he dies. And he’s a good guy.

    What do I do about the gay thing? Should I just ignore it? Is it important? Should I talk about it, knowing as little as I do? I’ve never talked to heterosexual drug addicts about women… This one’s important, because I love his parents only below my own. I would REALLY appreciate your insight.

    I apologize for breaking my comment ban. Hope you will forgive me. I’m just in a bind. You, Neil, have the knowledge to solve it. Thanks in advance for ANY insight you wish to give.

    • You’re welcome to break the “ban” for this; such ban as there was was only to stop having the same thing over and over on climate change, not for any other reason.

      My gut instant response is just to treat the guy the same way you would anyone else you care about. It’s the fact you care that he needs. Just be yourself.

      But I understand what you’re saying and will think about it more.


      OK — and yes it is late at night. 🙂

      Try http://www.drug-rehab-headquarters.com/louisiana/category/4.4/ if you haven’t already, and more generally look at this site.

      This one starts with a lot of Washington State stuff but scroll down and you might just find something that helps: http://www.gabiclayton.com/gcresource_youth.htm

  2. Screw it. I’ve got to go do this. I forgot about the time zones and that you were living in tomorrowland. Wish me luck when you wake up.

  3. No, the ban was because I was so correct on Australian immigration that it bothered you :). Remember that I despise islam and everything it stands for.

    Heh. But seriously, you were/are very helpful. I was concerned that him being gay needed to be addressed (I’m sure you know that some gay guys are into very hard drugs as part of the gay experience, like ketamine or amyl nitrate), but I took your advice and treated him like everyone else. It was the right thing. Thanks much. I think he’s got a 50% chance of success. That’s skyscrapers above most drug addicts.

    We disagree on almost everything, Neil. But in a tight situation, you come through. You really should feel good about yourself today. I know that I do. We may have saved a life. And I do mean ‘we’. Without your help I would have done it wrong. I just don’t get ‘gayness’, or how to react to it.

    Thanks once again, Neil Whitfield. Don’t make this your final decade. Do one more.

  4. Neil… seriously, thank you. He went willingly to a rehab called ‘red river’. I think it’s pretty good, but don’t know for sure. It’s a tremendous load off of his parent’s minds though. This went as well as it could have, and you, 6,000 miles away, helped – primarily by telling me to shut up about the gay thing. Which I did. And it worked.

    You’re a good man, Mr. Whitfield. We disagree on EVERYTHING politically, but you’re still a good guy.

  5. @#$%^@#%$&$@#@~&*(($^#$!@!^&*! And I want to put emphasis on the “!”

    I’m pissed off (that means ‘angry’ in American speak). He fled the rehab place. He’s just plain gone. No one knows where he is. So, while I prematurely co-credited you with helping this douchebag out, in the end, we accomplished nothing. NOTHING. I’m so fucking pissed off. I hate fucking drug addicts.

    I apologize for cursing. I don’t normally use the F-word. But fucking drug addicts piss me off in a way that you probably cannot imagine. And this one’s a chemical genius! He’s proven that more than once at Dow Chemical, where he worked for more than a decade. So it hurts that much more, since my background is BSChE. He’s adding insult to injury. I don’t want to get all girly on you, but it hurts. REALLY hurts. You fucking drug addict – you’ve singlehandedly ruined my week.

    Oh yes. Empathy is out. Scorn is in, you fucking drug addict.

    Apologies for being the bearer of bad tidings. I too wish it were different.

  6. Hey, your comments run backwards now. Also, I fucking hate hippies (aka drug addicts). Just puttin’ that out there. I’m so pissed off. Ok, no more swearing, even if it’s about a fucking drug addicted hippie. Oops! Ok, no more swearing starting now. I apologize.

    I’m still so pissed off. I re-ban myself starting…. now!

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