Update to “We’ve just had a cool May”

See June 2, 2011.

The May map is in.




I don’t believe it, but look at the top posts here in the past seven days:

  1. Home page 374
  2. About last night’s “Send them back…” and Paul Sheehan 148
  3. Trevor–1956-2011 92
  4. GetUp Australia–campaigns, petitions, activism 67
  5. Jack Vidgen–Australia’s Got Talent last night 41
  6. Nostalgia and the globalising world — from Thomas Hardy to 2010 40

I am pursuing another urban myth – or urban distortion — about asylum seekers to its source right now. Amazing how often Stormfront figures when you start looking…

But enough of that. I am after all the guy who chose Australia’s Got Talent over SBS on Tuesday night – and I’m not apologising either!