Winter solstice at The Bates Motel



When the cold change came through this afternoon it didn’t really prepare me for the way the wind would be howling tonight.  There were times I could barely hear the TV over wind: my window faces west and was getting the full blast off the escarpment, straight up from the mountains behind Jamberoo.

And in case you wondered, I was beastly tonight! 😉

Yes, I watched Australia’s Got Talent right through and only then turned over to SBS.

But when I did…! Wow! THAT really is strong stuff – and sorely needed too.

Let’s hope it gets out there even if at this stage those watching are mostly already in the choir.

Gold, gold, gold SBS!

Mind you, I did enjoy Australia’s Got Talent too.

Meanwhile this afternoon I have been engaged in the depressing task of contemplating the ugliness and stupidity that is our current “debate” on asylum seekers. I am like Senator Judith Troeth on this: old-fashioned and out of place.

‘Today, unfortunately, it seems that every possible barrier is put in the way of asylum seekers and refugees who come to Australia seeking protection from persecution,” she said. ”They also seek the fulfillment of their fundamental human rights and ultimately a better quality of life in a free and democratic society.” said Judith Troeth in her valedictory speech in the Australian Senate

She compared the present situation with ”earlier era” when the Fraser government was responsible for ”the generous and compassionate accommodation” of Vietnamese refugees and when Menzies welcomed the Europeans fleeing postwar devastation.

Pope Benedict marked World Refugee Day, which was observed on Monday, with an appeal Sunday to political leaders to “guarantee a welcome and dignified living conditions” for refugees.

Judith Troeth has been a Liberal party senator for 18 years and Liberal Party member since 1977. She sat with the ever-dwindling moderate faction and was one of the few who spoke out from time to time during the Howard years, usually on asylum seekers.

Senator Troeth represents a Liberal Party that used to exist but whose leaders and shakers have in the main forgotten in their rush to the Right and the bottom. Labor are no better.