On not being bothered…

They asked a few good questions on Q&A last night – apparently.

STEPHEN PAYNTER asked: This week Australians justifiably reacted with disgust & anger to the treatment of livestock exported to Indonesian abattoirs. Why are we then considering the live export of unaccompanied children & pregnant women to a country that has not signed-up to human rights protocols?

ERIC NOBEL asked: As a former refugee, I would like to know why we cannot stop politicizing the current refugee situation and try a consensus solution? If we look back at history it is the likes of Oskar Schindler who helped refugees that are seen as heroes. How do you think Australia’s current politicians will be remembered in 50 or 60 years time?

JEFF MCGEE asked: What’s wrong with Government regulating to protect the values that we as a society hold in common, such as public decency in the case of the Victorian swearing legislation and protection of public health in the cigarette packaging example? Is the ‘nanny state’ critique of such regulation simply a reflection of an extreme individualism pushed by free market groups such as the Institute of Public Affairs?

DAVID HAINES asked: Question to Chris Pyne / the Liberals. Do you believe the market is efficient and if so, do you agree that a market based carbon price, like an ETS or a Carbon Tax, is the most efficient way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

And so on. I say “apparently” because I couldn’t be bothered watching…

t30079-disillusion-hamman-edouardI’m up to here with politics as a policy-free zone, with point-scoring, with the whole shit-bag.

Julia is a dud who has allowed herself to be sandbagged over refugees producing a situation where Tony Abbott is now looking more humane than Labor! Bloody hopeless. But this is what happens when you no longer have principles.

The Greens on the other hand can be puritanical fuckwits who thereby wrecked the one chance we had to have a sensible carbon pricing regime in place. It would be up and running right now if it were not for The Greens!

The Abbott mob are just unspeakable.

You’ll be pleased to know I voted neither Labor, Liberal nor Green at the last NSW election. Nor do I intend to in the future.

And now we have Bob Katter doing the old Queensland trick of starting a new party.

Sorry if overseas readers looking at footage of Bob don’t understand a word he says. Neither do we.

What I do understand is that Bob is a real one-off – some of what he says will resonate. Trouble is he doesn’t live in the 21st century so nothing he proposes is ever likely to work.

At least there’s Australia’s Got Talent to look forward to tonight. 🙂

An update – if  I can be bothered to write it…

See Ben Eltham on Matilda.com: Moral Failure The Crux Of This Policy Mess.

As usual, Labor is in another mess of its own making on asylum seeker policy. It’s a measure of just how poorly this government manages issues like this that Tony Abbott and even some refugee advocates started to argue this week that re-opening the old detention centre on Nauru would be more humane (that word again). Christian Kerr was spot on last night, speaking with the ABC’s Mark Colvin when he argued that Labor had effectively "wedged itself" on the issue…

Labor’s struggles over refugee policy are entirely the result of its own moral failings. One response to the problem of seaborne asylum seekers would be to end mandatory detention and to implement onshore processing rapidly, fairly and efficiently. Instead, Labor has tried a series of policies which it has hoped will allow it to appear tough on border protection while somehow still meeting Australia’s obligations under international law. None have worked, because none have addressed the fundamental causes of Labor’s political problem: the mismatch between the evidence of small and manageable asylum seeker arrivals, and hostile public opinion egged on by irresponsible media outlets and opportunistic conservative politicians…

Julia FAIL!