Jack Vidgen–Australia’s Got Talent last night

No doubt in my mind that young Jack Vidgen won. He’s extraordinary.

Of course he hasn’t quite sprung fully-formed at 14 out of nowhere. I see he was in last year’s NSW Department of Education Schools Spectacular.

Jack-Vidgen-10Jack has been singing since he was about 3 years old. He loves it! Focused on a life in the industry, he is continually improving in vocal ability and has gained a lot of experience in live performance.

In 2008 Jack appeared on Channel 7’s ‘Battle of the Choirs’, backing Amy Pearson. Last year he attended a state music camp and was chosen lead singer in the State Rock Band.

This year, Jack was a semi-finalist in his local Star Search competition and, along with many other appearances, was involved in recording the main song for the musical Kick. Performance highlights as a solo artist include Northern Beaches Secondary College ‘On Show’ and the Warringah Eisteddfod Junior Championship, which he won. At the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod, Jack snared 1st Place Junior Championsip, 2nd Place Vocal Solo Ballad, 2nd Place Contemporary Up Tempo, and 2nd Place Jazz and Blues.

This year [2010] Jack attended a Talent Development Program Graduates Masterclass with John Foreman and JD Springbett as mentors.

Jack absolutely loves singing in front of a big crowd so he’s really excited about being chosen as a featured artist for the first time in the Schools Spectacular.

The name rang a bell and I wondered where – and then it (and Google) struck me: 1980s and RAT Parties! They were in the background during my Glebe time from 1981 onwards, 1983 on to be exact about RAT, but seeing I didn’t venture into the gay scene and its environs until 1985 or 1986 RAT was peripheral to my actual experience. Along the way I met or saw quite a few of those involved – most notably, through M, William Yang who documented the whole thing in photographs.


Reno Dal, Billy Yip and Jac Vidgen, the first team behind the RAT parties. They remain good friends to this day. Picture by John Webber.
Read the rest at Vice Magazine:
WHEN RAT RULED THE WORLD – Well, Sydney Anyway – Vice Magazine

In early 1983, having recently moved to Sydney, a young Jac Vidgen decided to throw a party in his Elizabeth Bay apartment. He’d done stuff like this before and like his previous efforts, the party was an unmitigated success. But this time, even though all the right people came, there were just way too many of them. They left a solid trail of glitter from the street to his apartment and his whiny downstairs neighbors complained about that and the ceiling caving in. Reno Dal, a friend who Jac had hired to hang mirror balls and take care of the lighting, sensibly suggested that Jac move the affair to a venue that he didn’t shit and eat and sleep in, and start charging people an entrance fee. Thus, the birth of RAT…

That article includes many William Yang photos.

See also Powerhouse Museum.

I noted Jack [with a K) Vidgen’s parents are separated but were both at last night’s semi-final. I wonder if Jac (no K) is the father? He surely must be a relative?

Australia’s Got Talent web site.

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  1. NOTE

    Jack Vidgen: Profile

    He was born at Mona Vale Hospital to parents, Steven Vidgen and Rachel Hayton. He had lived at the peninsula with his parents until he was three years-old, according to Manly Daily.

    He has been singing since he was three (3) years-old and the teen’s official website maintained that Vidgen is loving every minute of it.
    His family has moved to Airlie Beach in Queensland but moved to Sydney after staying in Queensland for six months. Jack has been staying in Sydney since then.

    Jack Vidgen attended Newport Primary School where, according to The Manly Daily, the he’d long held the dream of singing at assembly, but was always too shy.

    The teen said, according to The Manly Daily, that he has always dreamt to perform at an assembly at Newport Primary School but was only too shy to be onstage.

    And when Vidgen has finally fought his fear to be at the school’s stage, he said the audience enjoyed his performance.

    “I was pretty quiet when I started at Balgowlah Boys, halfway through year 7, being a new kid,” Vidgen was quoted as saying by The Manly Daily.

    He added: “But at a presentation ceremony I sang the (Leonard Cohen) song Hallelujah. People said they liked it.”

    Jack Vidgen has had his parents to thank for as he has been honing his singing talent. His parents have been dedicated to driving him to lessons, auditions and competitions.

    The teen sensation pays tribute to his mom whom he describes as “his rock”. He said: “She takes care of everything, takes me places,” adding, “I definitely wouldn’t have made it to this point without her.”

    Jack Vidgen also considers his father his other great influence in life. His father as he described during the audition at AST has been battling multiple sclerosis for five years and Jack maintained that he joined the competition in hopes to make his father smile.

    “He loves music but I don’t necessarily want to sing his kind of music,” Jack said, according to The Manly Daily. “I just want him to look at me in the same way mum does.”

    Before stunning the judges on Australia’s Got Talent, Vidgen as claimed by JV Official Website that the teen contestant has already been making a name for himself as a gifted young artist.

    The following are some of the awards and recognition received by Jack Vidgen
    – was awarded Rotary Club’s ‘Young Musician of the Year’
    – was invited by Mike Baird MP to perform at the annual fundraiser at International College of Management
    – won the Warringah Eisteddfod Junior Vocal Championship
    – and performed as a featured artist in the NSW Schools Spectacular

    In addition, Vidgen has won the 1st place in Star Search and was invited for a solo performance at the prestigious “Hat’s Off Concert”.

    After his sensational audition at “Australia’s Got Talent”, the 14-year old contestant from Balgowlah, Sydney has made the world talking.

    His showstopping performance of Whitney Houston’s classic, “I Have Nothing” may have made the competition’s judges doubt his singing skills as he walked up to the stage, unassuming. But his natural talent has now been viewed by 300, 000 viewers since he stunned not only the 1.5 million of viewers in Australia during his audition but also especially his skeptical judges Tuesday night. Click here to watch his audition on “Australia’s Got Talent”.


  2. It´s the love and dedication both of you, Jack, plus the love of your Mum which has led to your splendid and well-deserved recognition worldwide. I love your honesty and your sound. Well done, keep searching for the truth !

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