Latest news from “The Illawarra Mercury”

Here is today’s lead story.

Planking may be getting the headlines but several crews of young people in the Illawarra are getting their kicks from a less dangerous – and perhaps more hilarious – pastime.

Morphing, as it is known, involves donning a purpose-made lycra suit, often brightly coloured and covering the face, and busting out in public to pull poses, jump around and bemuse passers-by.

Then comes the element seemingly essential to all current trends – pictures of the ‘‘morph’’ are posted on social media websites, particularly Facebook.

Dylan Page, 17, one of the four-person Oak Flats Morph Crew – he’s the one in the skin-tight tuxedo – invested in the suit earlier this year for his Year 12 muck-up photos…

There’s also a good feature article on fads and crazes over the years.

In the weekend magazine section there is always a local history feature. Here is today’s on the 1873 antics of the Looneys and Craigs of Mount Keira.

The Merc isn’t entirely parochial, I should add. In fact it’s not a bad paper, especially on Saturdays.