Remember when I was on Blogspot?

Well the blog – or its last incarnation – is still there. I must get in to clean up the comments. Obviously the system there is not as efficient as WordPress’s Akismet.

Still. not a bad looking blog – if I do say so myself. Winking smile


All the content there except the last three entries is now also on my Photoblog and older Blogspot content from around 2005 is on Floating Life 2005 to 2009 (no new entries after 31/12/09).

Even so I thought I’d lift a couple of pics for reposting.


17 December 2009


5 December 2009

2405 007a[5]

24 May 2005


Been over to Blogger. About six spams had got through, so not too bad in a couple of years I suppose. The interface there has improved too.