The sun rose this morning–no budget cut on that apparently

And a fine sunrise it was too. The photoblog will have more.


Speaking of the budget )briefly): it was good to see mental health getting a boost. And nasty man that I am I reckon this is about time!

Teenage parents in Shellharbour will be forced into work or study from January next year or risk losing their welfare payments.

The move forms part of the Federal Government’s ‘‘tough love’’ budget measures aimed at getting people into work in the nation’s most disadvantaged communities.

The Shellharbour local government area is among ten across the nation singled out for the controversial $47 million four-year trial.

Parents in Shellharbour who have been on income support for more than two years, or who are under 23 and not working or studying full time, will also be subject to new, stricter welfare conditions, including meeting with Centrelink more regularly.

Pension payments will be cut to those who do not comply…

However, there is a local issue ongoing which interests people down here in The Gong – naturally so. We have the rump of what was once a steel industry here, and there are those concerned that a carbon tax may prove the last straw – the surging Aussie dollar hasn’t helped either. I understand the concern, but GET CARTER isn’t the answer.


Wednesday, May 11 2011 @ 07:30 PM CDT – 07:30PM

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Port Kembla RSL
Port Kembla, NSW


Despite the propaganda of the Gillard government no empirical evidence has been provided that a significant part of the late 20th century warming was caused by human carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is NOT a pollutant.
The Gillard government is attempting, despite its pre-election promise, to impose a tax on carbon emissions that will threaten the viability of the regional steel and mining industries. It is of critical importance that we hear both sides of the carbon dioxide and global warming debate. We have a right to hear from scientists that have differing positions in regard to this critical issue.
The recently formed Illawarra Against Carbon Tax has invited an eminent Australian scientist to inform us in regard to the science of carbon dioxide and global warming.

Adjunct research professor in the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University and the University of Adelaide.
Dr Carter’s current research on climate change, sea-level change and stratigraphy is based on field studies from the Southwest Pacific region, especially the Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand. He was also a primary science witness in the U.K. High Court case of Dimmock v. H.M.’s Secretary of State for Education, the 2007 judgment from which identified nine major scientific errors in Mr Al Gore’s film "An Inconvenient Truth".

Authorized: Paul Matters Convener Illawarra Against Carbon Tax (IACT)
70 Wentworth Street Port Kembla 0410 482633

God help them, because Bob can’t. There are so many dubious assertions and downright misrepresentations even in that press release one doesn’t quite know where to start.

See Did Bob Carter publish the worst paper on climate change ever? and other stories. Check Bob’s form guide. See What Bob Carter and Andrew Bolt fail to grasp.

Anyone who says “Despite the propaganda of the Gillard government no empirical evidence has been provided that a significant part of the late 20th century warming was caused by human carbon dioxide emissions” is simply a fool. The court jester isn’t the solution. Pretending there’s no problem will not save the Wollongong steel industry.

Bob Carter gets a mention or three in the last one. He gets even more in this:

We now know that the creator of the last three, “Potholer54”, is Peter Hadfield, a former New Scientist reporter. See How my YouTube channel is converting climate change sceptics.

…a lot of sceptics trust the Potholer54 channel, and appreciate that they are not being talked down to, or badgered or lectured. I do not call them climate “deniers”, which presupposes there is some irrefutable truth they are denying. But neither are they truly sceptics. They learn climate science the same way many schoolchildren learn about sex – from other kids. The only difference in the internet age is that the playground got bigger.

Without question they unsceptically believe dubious sources like Fox News, the Daily Express and amateur blogs. A parade of scientists (never mind if they have degrees in microbiology or metallurgy) tell them that ocean cycles are reponsible for global warming, or that there is no warming at all, or that even if there is there is nothing to worry about.

Spend just a few days in this bizarre world of disinformation and it is hard to understand how the audience could not come to the conclusion that anthropogenic climate change is a hoax. And if it is a hoax, the next obvious conclusion is that climate scientists must be either stupid or in it for the money. Deconstructing all this spurious guff, one myth at a time, means checking it back to its source, finding the errors, and then pitting it against proper research studies. No need for condescention, insult, or appeals to emotion…