When you have a choice between the uninspired and the unspeakable….

You forget politics and focus on things that matter.


I’m not kidding.

With Julia currently promoting a pathetic excuse for a reform in immigration and the Crap-plan tests coming up yet again and being touted as effective in some way, why bother?


Julia’s role model in policy selling. They don’t mention that traffic can’t stop here.

Passing thought on Osama Bin Laden: read Boris Johnson. At least he’s honest.

..So why don’t we all just cut the cackle and admit the groaningly obvious. There was no firefight. Osama bin Laden did not cower behind his wife, spraying the US troops from his AK-47 like some scene from Call of Duty: Black Ops. That was a lie that went round the world faster than it took the truth to get its boots on, and the truth was that bin Laden hadn’t even got his dressing gown on, let alone his boots, before he was dispatched into the arms of Shaitan.

This was an assassination, a liquidation, an extrajudicial killing and a termination with extreme prejudice. Whichever way you look at it, Barack Obama has carried out one of the most effective whack jobs ever seen, and if he doesn’t get re-elected I will be amazed. Osama is a has-bin, who sleeps with the fishes of the North Arabian sea, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

But when the President tells us that ”justice has been done”, I think he needs to be a bit fuller in his definition of ”justice”. It was 10 years ago this December, when the net was closing in on bin Laden in Tora Bora, that I wrote a pious piece urging that the mass murderer should be put on trial.

It may be painful and problematic, I argued, but that is the difference between them and us. It’s what we’re fighting for, I said; and 10 years on I have to admit I can see why the Americans have not found it easy to follow my advice. Having pinpointed his lair, they could hardly have asked the Pakistanis to put him on trial – not when the Pakistani security services seem to be some kind of affiliate of al-Qaeda. They couldn’t hold the trial in the Hague, since the US does not recognise the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

In an ideal world, they would have put him on trial in New York, the scene of his greatest crime. And then what?…

Pretty much what I was saying to Sirdan and P on Sunday over lunch.

Now back to what matters. I’m REALLY not kidding! This blog has given up on the f*cking pollies.