Yesterday–great but also frustrating

I set the tone for some of yesterday by just missing the train I meant to catch to Sydney. Being Wollongong on Sunday that meant an hour wait for the next one. You see I had walked to the station at the crack of dawn, more or less. Sunday buses in the Gong don’t wake up until 8 am. But I may as well have caught the bus, as it happened.

So I waited for the train. with at least some things to see.



I had planned to go to M’s place in East Redfern to water his plants – he’s in the USA at the moment, then to South Sydney Uniting Church, then Surry Hills Library to drop off books, then the Trinity Bar to meet Sirdan and P, and then home.

OK, so now it had to be South Sydney UC first, if late – 10.30 – then to the Library and then the Trinity Bar. That all worked out.

Then to M’s – but that’s when things started getting very frustrating.

I couldn’t get in. The magic key wouldn’t operate the elevator. OK for outer door, f*cked after that…


By then it was around 14.25. A series of just missed buses, trains and connections resulted in my getting back inside the Bates Motel at —


Yes, 6.30pm!

The last half hour was waiting for the barely existent Wollongong Sunday bus service.