Heart Week

heart-foundation-logo-shortSunday 1 May to Saturday 7 May

During Heart Week 2011, the Heart Foundation will be raising awareness of heart disease as the number one killer of Australian women.

In Tasmania, the Heart Foundation will urge all Tasmanians to better identify the warning signs of heart attack. Symptoms can vary and they may not always be severe. Some people do not experience chest pain at all.

The Heart Foundation is urging all Australians to participate in Heart Week and help raise awareness about these important health issues.

The Illawarra Mercury ran a feature:




Of whom I am one, as you will recall. I was told Dr Lee favours wrist entry over groin, so it’s likely he did me back on 7 March.

Coincidentally, passing the ambulance station just now on the way back from coffee at YumYum, I saw and chatted with the ambo who collected me that afternoon of February 28.


3 thoughts on “Heart Week

  1. Hahahahahahahah
    Hah hahahaha hahahahahah hahahaha

    Did you hear the good news? Hahahahahaahahahahahahahah

    Apologies for visiting your site after I was banned, but I’m so happy I couldn’t help myself. Hahahahahahahaah!

    Hah! There are tears in my eyes because I’m laughing so hard! Hah! Murderer, brought to justice by Americans! Hah!

    Seriously, all apologies. Hah!!!!!! (sorry, but I can’t help it.) I’ll abide by your ban in the future*, but I just couldn’t help myself today. Hahahahahah! It’s such a good day to be alive. Bin Laden probably doesn’t agree. Hahahah!

    * – Unless they pick off Omar. If they do,I’m coming back to laugh again.

  2. F8ck. I didn’t read the post before I commented. I’d be honored if you’d delete my previous post and then just got well.

    We never agree on anything, but I need you healthy so that we can not agree on things for a very long time.

    I’ll go back to abiding by my ban now.

  3. I don’t think any of us are sad about Bin Laden. Very good for Obama too and surely must shut some of his critics down.

    BTW my friend/former partner M is in New York — or maybe Boston — at the moment…

    For me — Wollongong Hospital did a good job. Also 63 days, 10 hours, 25 seconds smoke free, 3171 cigarettes not smoked.$AU2,048.00 saved!

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