Living in the Seventies

Oh yes! With apologies to my cousin Pat and her husband Les that’s when we dressed up in flares and body shirts!


And that’s the conservative look.

I started a magazine in 1972. so spent quite a bit of time with printers and such and became smitten with the whole process, especially given that was the tail end of hot metal presses and REAL fonts and typesetting!

Mind you the Illawarra Grammar School magazine was no Cleo, though like Cleo it may well still be going.

I shared Jim Belshaw’s delight with the two-parter just shown on ABC: Paper Giants : The Birth of Cleo | Sunday, 17 April and Monday, 18 April at 8.30pm, ABC1.

My problem is that I still find it hard to regard the 70s as capital-H History! Surely not. I’m not OLD am I?

Well, consider:


There I am in 2000 at SBHS looking uncomfortably like Billy McMahon. (Oh noes!) 

Next to me is the person also known as Mister Rabbit, who was born ten years after Cleo started but is now an English teacher here in Wollongong and the same age, give or take a year, that I was when Ita was hatching her revolution. Oh my!

Jim will be pleased to know I had a New England visa in those days…


The picture is Armidale.