Scans worth preserving — 1

1 The oldest pic

“Grandfather Thomas Daniel Sweeney Whitfield was born in Picton NSW in 1867 and died in 1948, so I was five years old when he died, and can just remember him as a benign but deaf old man with white hair, approximately as wide as he was tall. Mind you, in earlier days he seems to have been a tyrant and a bit of a bastard, but that will become apparent later. To be fair, it was also a characteristic of the times.”


This is a tin-type, a very old photo indeed. I was told it is TDS.

2. My family in wartime


Back row: Aunt Ruth, my mother Jean, Uncle Neil (on leave from the RAAF), Aunt Beth

Front row: me, my sister Jeanette, my brother Ian

The pic is much creased having been carried in my father’s gear in his RAAF days.


3 My Aunt Beth


Yes, I now have a scanner…

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  1. aah Whitfield of course, would’ve preyed on my mind…great pics & history

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