March 2011 revisited — 2

What can we say about the Big World last month, or indeed so far this year. It does seem we are in One Of Those Years!

1989 was the last one. Then some have asked Is this 1848? In both of those cases the promise wasn’t entirely fulfilled. What may come of developments still ongoing in North Africa and the Middle East?

And then there were the earthquakes, and the shaking of our hopes, if we had them, of safe nuclear power.

What a year so far!

Descent into the banal and trivial: who has read what here in March

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  3. A very personal Australia Day 26 January – my family 113
  4. Nostalgia and the globalising world — from Thomas Hardy to 2010 88
  5. Clive James in today’s Oz–elegantly done, delightful, and totally beside the point 64
  6. Australia not earthquake free 61
  7. About 59
  8. BOM’s Dr Ayers, Ian Plimer, or famed climatologist Cardinal Pell: who do you believe? 54
  9. Being Australian 11: inclusive multiculturalism Aussie style 4 51
  10. Japan’s catastrophe and the future of nuclear power 49
  11. The Rainbow Warrior 48
  12. Illawarra Mercury warns Wollongong 40
  13. Where I am right now… 36
  14. Christmas Island, asylum seekers, frustrations of blogging 33
  15. Return to The Bates Motel 33
  16. Australia: asylum seeker policy – 2 32
  17. Australia’s flood crisis 31
  18. Wollongong local history 30
  19. Uglier far than Julia Gillard’s “lie” on the carbon tax… 29

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So this interested me.


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