Next morning–waiting for breakfast

Still here and needing a shave, but this pic from Baby Toshiba’s webcam looks a bit less like a death mask! Smile  Baby Toshiba is in hospital too now, Thanks, Sirdan, for coming down yesterday and fetching some things for me!


That’s the portable heart monitor.


4 thoughts on “Next morning–waiting for breakfast

  1. Thanks, Jim. And later on lunch was very good too: roast pork, baked potato, carrots, beans, followed by creme caramel. And that’s the cardiac diet.

    And a point for overseas readers, especially in the US: here I am not really worrying how all this will be paid for. It’s called HEALTH CARE!

  2. They feed all that for a bloke who has had a heart attack? Some system their Neil! Australia should opt for Medical Tourism. The Arabs will flock in thousands.

  3. Perhaps I should mention then that pork isn’t compulsory… 😉 (Dinner was chicken casserole followed by diced pears.)

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