Tears, fears and prayers for Christchurch



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3 thoughts on “Tears, fears and prayers for Christchurch

  1. is sort of wryly funny that a ‘pagan’ earth should topple the spire in a city named Christchurch.

    (and yes, have family over there, but North Island)

  2. Loony evangelists blamed Katrina, even 9/11 on God’s wrath for dissolute living. On that ground the gays in NZ have much to answer for. God must have been very angry indeed to have destroyed one of his own elegant buildings.

    Christchurch is a delight. Its gardens are among the world’s best.

    I’m afraid our plans to re-visit the South Island have been shelved.

  3. be very careful invoking – or upsetting – the ‘gods’, John. as far as am aware, there are still “fires from the deep” still active in North Island .. heh.

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