Wollongong to host National Head Kicking Championships!

Last night’s Channel Seven News did give The Gong a roasting, courtesy of the Police Union. One headline was missing.

Wollongong Violence: Muslims Not Responsible

But we did get this, as today’s Illawarra Mercury notes.


Member of the soon-to-be-former NSW Government Noreen Hay said, more or less, “Problem? What problem?”

Local celebrity Rev Dead Vile, famous for his warnings against Halal Chicken and the dangers of “food offered to idols”, is not so sure that Muslims aren’t responsible.

“It’s a well-known fact that ALCOHOL IS AN ARABIC WORD!” he confided to this blog, his famous eyebrows doing rather amazing caterpillar impersonations. “Doesn’t that tell you something?”

But seriously…

Now what was the name of that NSW Premier? It’s been hard to keep track…

Channel 7 News did a bit of a number on David Campbell too, if you recall…