The internet is a culturally diverse space

Truism, or what! But important.

While I would be lucky to have more than about thirty regular readers, most of them in Australia, like all bloggers I must be aware at all times that I am not playing in my own backyard. I am, like it or not, a diplomat, a practitioner of multicultural manners. There is no choice about that. There is a choice about how well or badly I do it, and what I choose to represent and how that is done.

My blogs alone have developed this reach:



With that comes responsibility, as well as opportunity and privilege.

Think this through and you may see why I eventually cut off Kevin from Louisiana.

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3 thoughts on “The internet is a culturally diverse space

  1. Certainly agree with the principle (as well at the origins) of this post Neil. I was forced to wonder how much of out own ‘culture’ (if it even exists) is actually transferable over the Internet? And how much of what we do on the Internet is, in fact, building a new culture?

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