Canberra 1954

The past is another country.

See! I do nostalgia here too…

The year of the Queen’s Visit (1954) my family visited Canberra for the first time. Lake George was full of water then, if I remember correctly.


This is The Gong

Some stats.


Persons born overseas


2006 is the last available census.

I suspect the five years since have seen further demographic change in Wollongong, particularly in the numbers of Africans and Muslims in the migrant mix. Not all Muslims in Wollongong are immigrants, of course: see Savouring peace behind the scarf. Incidentally, despite my own reservations about him, the actual demographics so far this century make nonsense of the idea that the Howard government’s immigration policy was inherently racist.

And on the dominant “ethnic group” in the Gong see the thread Wollongong – bogan capital of the country?

Maps above are from Wollongong City Community Atlas.