OMG: look what’s threatening Queensland now!


“Entire suburbs in three north Queensland cities will be evacuated today as Cyclone Yasi powers towards the coast, bringing destructive winds, torrential rain, and massive storm surges.

Yasi is expected to be packing winds of up to 280 kilometres per hour when it makes landfall as a category four system somewhere between Cairns and Innisfail at around midnight (AEST) on Wednesday.

A cyclone watch is in place for communities for Cape Melville to Cooktown, and adjacent inland areas east of Richmond.

As residents batten down, Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has warned that the storm has the potential to be the biggest the state has ever seen…” – source


That’s a bit parochial though. We should also be thinking of the people in the Solomons and other Coral Sea islands.


2 thoughts on “OMG: look what’s threatening Queensland now!

  1. Now Category 5.

    I do wish Bob Brown and The Greens had shut the f*ck up though. It’s a gift to deniers.

    Sure, it may well be true that this and more are to be expected as a result of climate change, but the only way we can be sure that Yasi is a result of global warming is to fast forward about 30 years and look back.

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