Being Australian 11: inclusive multiculturalism Aussie style 4

Such a scary thing for some people.


They’re out to destroy our way of life, to CHANGE things!

And it used to be so NICE.

Why don’t they just become like us? And aren’t there some cultures/races (take your pick, as the two blur in the minds of many) that just CAN’T ASSIMILATE?

What if I told you we’re all multicultural?


That’s a Canadian image – they have prairies but we don’t.

We all form our selves in a matrix of influences, we all belong simultaneously to many things at once – and sometimes these things rub against each other a bit. But we don’t want some outsider chopping bits off so we look like everyone else.

That wouldn’t be a fair go, now would it?

So how many belongings can you have while still being a subscriber to this?


BTW, thanks to these guys for pointing me to that. See this post especially.


Does an advanced democracy like Australia need to limit any of the elements that compose the selves of its citizens? Does it have to see speaking a foreign language as somehow sinister rather than being an accomplishment? Do we all have to know who Don Bradman was before we can live by the values under the Australian flag above?

The question becomes not whether Australia is multicultural – it clearly is – but whether we have really realised what a treasure we have.

Amin Maalouf is a Lebanese-French Christian, a historian and a novelist. He is one of the clearest thinkers on identity and pluralism.

It is crucial, in my opinion, that everyone should accept the different components of one’s own identity. What seems apparent, however, is that the evolution in the last years has not been going in that direction.

In a world of neighbouring cultures, the major issue is how to manage the coexistence of cultural diversity. The management of neighbouring cultures requires relentless attention, deep reflections and creative solutions…

In looking towards the future of the Mediterranean area, managing immigration remains a priority area of action. The issue is negatively affecting the intellectual and political atmosphere of riparian countries. Although a healthy management of coexistence is a major benefit, it is through encouraging migrants to accept their ‘double belonging’ and unique capacity to play the role of link between originating and host countries…

personal identity

To be continued…


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  1. Hi Niel, I have just read your blog and it was very thought-provoking and creative. I love your train of logic and too agree with your way of thinking. Is it so bad to dislike a new language. Why is everyone in Australia so pressured to assimilate. This is very good, I will be definitely reading more of what you’ve got to say.

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