Being Australian 8: inclusive multiculturalism Aussie style 3

Because I postponed this series while the flood crisis claimed our attention I was not expecting to post on it tonight, but the SBS News inspired me. This is not the post I planned; that will come later.

You want to see how multiculturalism works in Australia? Look no further than this:

It is through such coming together, finding common ground while respecting our differences, that we discern the Australian Spirit of 2011 — and by Australian I include ALL actual Australians, all those who live here and are citizens.

There’s a remarkable story too about some who aren’t yet citizens, maybe even will never be in some instances — the dreaded “boat people”:

A group of around 70 asylum seekers at an immigration detention centre in Darwin have cobbled together what little cash they have to support the victims of Queensland’s floods. A Department of Immigration spokesman says the detainees have offered to donate the funds, which they brought with them by boat.


One thought on “Being Australian 8: inclusive multiculturalism Aussie style 3

  1. “multiculturalism” .. curious concept. Permit me to tell a short story. i was born in South Australia. Am now living in the highlands of NSW. There is a bloke born in the vicinity, left formal education at age 12; who keeps turning up on Friday nights with a six pack of beer. Him age 42, been around the world a bit.

    We are arguing a small point; Me asks – “please stop saying fuck and fucking every second word in the sentence”.

    He asks me to stop saying “Whatever” in reply.

    Long story.

    Language and understanding of various cultures is always a problem wherever one moves.

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