Australia’s flood crisis

I am setting aside my planned posts while this crisis continues. Go to ABC for the latest news. You will find information on how to help on that page.

Just to get some idea of size:

This is the latest map from the Bureau of Meteorology:

Last night on WIN TV, our regional channel:

We currently have tropical weather patterns extending from north-west Western Australia across to Queensland and down as far as northern Tasmania. Parts of Victoria had a drenching overnight.


2 thoughts on “Australia’s flood crisis

  1. I cannot believe that a weather event as intense as this one did not show up on radar and get a warning out to people what to expect. The late Henry Bolte once said that economists are very good at telling us what has happened. I sometimes think the same of weather forecasters.

    Mind you, I will concede that they got it right re the disastrous Victorian bushfires. We were well out of harm’s way but did a hypothetical exercise anyway. We would have been outta there by midday on the Friday before Black Saturday, when it was still safe to drive.

    I hope there will be a judicial inquiry into the failure of the weather forecasters in Queensland.

    Then, thinking back on the disastrous hail storm in Sydney some years back, it took a phone call from someone down south to alert the duty forecaster to what was happening.

    It is pissing rain here at Portarlington as I write but we are not even remotely at risk of flooding.

    We are veterans of several floods and know what it is all about. Our thoughts are with the folks in the ‘Sunshine State’.

  2. Apparently the flash flood didn’t show up because its origins were too small and too local for the resolution of the radar to pick up. I think I can understand that. The overall rain and storms do show up, of course.

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