Christmas Eve Wollongong: Crown Street Mall 1

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Happy Christmas!

It’s cool and wet this summer in Wollongong…

…and also in Surry Hills, thanks to La Nina. And look at the winter they’ve been having in the Northern Hemisphere, Scotland for example:

Snow in Scotland

So surely global warming can’t be happening, right? Like, if I won Lotto then there couldn’t be a global financial crisis, could there? Or because no-one I know has died in the last three months, then there can’t be any such thing as death…

The Guardian’s Q&A puts it like this:

If the world is warming due to climate change, why have we had three cold winters in a row?

You could answer this with another question: why did we have eight warm winters in a row up to 2007? Another answer is that global warming is just that – the warming of the entire globe, and 2010 is one of the hottest on record around the world. The weather in north-west Europe is just one part of that and is governed by many variable factors, meaning cold winters are perfectly possible in a warming world. However, climate change scientists predict that harsh winters will become less common, as they have in recent decades.

Meanwhile we are told that 2010 is still among the hottest years on record. How can this be so? One clue is in this graphic:

22 December  NOAA Image: Cold Continents/Warm Arctic continues

Explained here.

How are these global measures arrived at? For a very balanced discussion see Climate Central. One commenter there writes:

This should be required reading for all real and self-designated skeptics. So many of these careful qualifications are for the purpose of maximum accuracy, but are exploited to indicate the opposite. Understanding how this is done should build confidence that those entrusted with studying climate are doing the best job possible. It is not surprising that in their private communications the people spend their lives building understanding find obfuscation and hostility to be a distraction and say so. This is real work which needs doing, and it is sad that people are led to think the sniping from the sidelines is helping rather than hurting, and reality-based rather than exploiting their lack of knowledge and armchair expertise.


Do watch former climate change sceptic Sir David Attenborough:

You can view or download the whole documentary.

And here is a Christmas gift: the latest edition of the Guide to Skepticism from Skeptical Science:

By the way, I didn’t win Lotto.