Kerry O’Brien — class act

We have been so lucky to have had one of the best, brightest and most versatile TV current affairs interviewers here in Oz on our very own commercial-free (thank God!) ABC. Last night was a special tribute to his 7.30 Report 1995-2010. His last interview was with Geoffrey Rush.

…KERRY O’BRIEN: Now I’m allowed to ask this question because I’m a head of you in these stakes. Have you got any sense of age catching up? Because even if memory starts playing nasty tricks and your body begins to let you down in other ways, perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones to be in a business where aging can actually have the same impact as it does on a good wine. What do you think?

GEOFFREY RUSH: I s’pose it’s more noticeable on this because I’d done it 18 – the last time I did this play was 18 years ago. But I remember even then when I was 40, I still had to have a 50-minute nap before the show. I’m quite fit. I’m lucky. People – someone the other day said, “Oh, you must go to the gym every day and get ready for this role?,” and I said, “No, no, no; doing the role is like going to the gym.” If I go into the gym and did the role, I’d fall down in a heap. I’m lucky. I think I’m naturally quite fit. I notice a few little extra aches and pains here and there, but you learn how to pace, you know. I have a little meditative sleep before every show and try not to let my life socially get too out of hand.

KERRY O’BRIEN: Geoffrey Rush, thanks very much for talking with us.

GEOFFREY RUSH: Thanks, Kerry.

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7 thoughts on “Kerry O’Brien — class act

  1. We have been so lucky to have had one of the best, brightest and most versatile TV current affairs interviewers here in Oz on our very own commercial-free (thank God!) ABC.

    Don’t you mean ‘thank taxpayers’? Heh. Your God is the people who pay taxes in Aussieland. Neil, you’ve started a new religion! I’m on board.

    • When the public purse supplies the public with such a quality service which also manages to NOT be a mouthpiece for the government, who would complain? I don’t mind the five cents a day…

  2. I dunno, Neil. The Australian ABC is certainly not a mouthpiece for the government, but it is a strong mouthpiece for whatever it is that you call the left in your country(we call them liberals, progressives, socialists, communists and anarchists, depending upon their level of hatred of the people who work to produce material things for a living). Sadly, that makes it a debilitating force to future progress.

    I’m not sure if that’s just as bad as being a mouthpiece for the government, or much much worse. But it’s definitely one or the other.

  3. We have a great number of equivalents. PBS, NPR (radio), MSNBC, and at least a thousand newspapers that spew hard-left talking points. And they all seem to spew the same idea – that we should give more of our money to the government.

    I’m beginning to suspect that your support for such operations is because you receive more money from the government (i.e. taxes collected from the working class) than you give to it. I’m actually quite confident about that suspicion. You should try to change that, even if it’s only for the narcissistic reason that it will make you feel better about yourself. Everyone will benefit from your change of heart. And you’ll be earning your keep! How cool is that?

  4. NPR is the nearest to ABC. MSNBC is commercial. Fox is simply outrageous.

    Yes, I now receive, as a retiree, more than I give, because in my 40 years of teaching I paid my dues. That’s the way it works here. I feel fine about myself, and very happy with my country for being set up the way it is. The US Right mania about “socialism” is just that — mania, and not something we have suffered from quite so badly.

  5. Commercial or public is immaterial. I was merely listing a few groups that preach left wing propaganda. I agree that FNC is outrageously awesome. They preach center-right ideas. While this would generally be as bad as the myriad of left wing preaching news outlets such as your ABC, it’s less so because it’s the only one doing it. If, down the line, we end up with as many right wing spewing news outlets as left wing ones, then at that time FNC will be as bad for the world as your ABC. Until then, it’s not.

    Apologies for whining about your relationship to government handouts. It is not my place to do so, since it is not my country. I’m just angry at whiny US parasites, and I let it out on you. It was inappropriate, and I apologize again.

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