Stop the presses! Too much information already!

So, Kevin Rudd is a control freak. Oh my! That US ambassador guy really noticed something there.

Memory lane time:

Mind you, it seems Beazley and Rudd after him were much less diplomatic about some future China threat than Howard and Downer — a bit of a surprise that. See the ongoing WikiLeaks collection by Irfan Yusuf: MEDIA: WikiLeaks hysteria … Hysteria? Well things like “Assange has threatened America with the cyber equivalent of thermonuclear war.” I do doubt that.

Heaps of posts out there on the subject. Like Jim Belshaw I do wonder about the man: Musings on blogging & the Assange case and Mr Assange’s ego.

But I really do think we are being treated to too much information. How can we really assess its significance, amusing as much of it may well be? The real moral: don’t trust technology so much, America, especially when millions of people apparently have the keys to the cookie cupboard.

Far more useful: My friend, the terrorist. Noor Huda Ismail on Slow TV.