“Gasland”– a must see

smiley-happy005smiley-happy005[6]smiley-happy005[8]smiley-happy005[10]While Gasland is in selected cinemas here in Oz right now I saw it via YouTube. One way or another do take the trouble to see it. While it is far from the world’s best doco technically, it is nonetheless a very powerful indictment of the corruption and insanity our thirst for energy can lead to. There is a clear Australian relevance. The same process is being tried in Queensland; it has also been proposed that we should extract natural gas from deep beneath inner Sydney suburbs! How wise are such moves? Watch this doco and think again!


“In the debate over energy resources, natural gas is often considered a ‘lesser-of-evils’. While it does release some greenhouse gases, natural gas burns cleaner than coal and oil, and is in plentiful supply—parts of the U.S. sit above some of the largest natural gas reserves on Earth. But a new boom in natural gas drilling, a process called ‘fracking’, raises concerns about health and environmental risks.” – PBS. Apparently Vice President Halliburton Cheney made sure in the USA that the industry was exempted from clean water and other environmental regulations! What a bastard that man is!

You may have seen Margaret and David on The Movie Show:

DAVID: No, look, I think the message is a powerful one and a disturbing one, especially in the context, as you say, of what’s happening in Australia now where I think gas companies don’t come and offer you money to drill. They say, "We’re going to drill." So I think it is a strong message. I wish the film was a better film, the film that contains the message, and it’s a bit hard with this sort of documentary to separate the message from the medium that it’s conveying and I think it’s not a particularly good documentary. It’s an amateurish sort of film in a way. It’s a sort of film diary.
MARGARET: Well, it is a personal odyssey.
DAVID: Yes, exactly.
DAVID: And, look, full marks to him for doing that and bringing it to the attention of a wider audience so…
MARGARET: Well, you know, any discussion of these sorts of issues or any information about it is valuable.
DAVID: Couldn’t agree more.
MARGARET: I’m giving it four stars from me, David.
DAVID: I’m giving it three.


Paul Sheehan on Monday: “I downloaded eight pages of scientific material debunking the film.”  You can find some of them via Wikipedia, and also via Forbes Magazine*. But see also November has gone and summer is supposedly here… and our Paul’s devotion to science there.

* On the author of the Forbes articles: “Dr. Michael J. Economides, Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Cullen College of Engineering at University of Houston. Petroleum Engineer with deep ties to the oil industry. http://www.chee.uh.edu/faculty/economides/” Read more: Who’s Who on Inhofe’s List of 400 Global Warming Deniers. Connexions, connexions…