Yesterday was my father’s birthday

He would have been 99.

It was also the 26th birthday of Australian cricketer Peter Siddle.

See Kersi Meher-Homji on The history and significance of a hat-trick.

Much has already been written on Australian pace bowler Peter Siddle’s hat-trick on the opening day of the Brisbane Test yesterday. But how many know about the origin of the term hat-trick?

This term first appeared in ‘The Sportsman’ (England) of 29 August 1878 when Australia’s celebrated bowler Fred ‘Demon’ Spofforth clean-bowled three batsmen with three consecutive balls, “thus accomplishing the hat-trick” when playing for the touring Australians against 18 of Hastings & Districts at The Oval.

He was also the first cricketer to claim a Test hat-trick against England four months later in Melbourne on 2 January 1879…

The five day game is the only real Cricket, isn’t it?