The Choir: Boys Don’t Sing

He’s pretty much my ideal in terms of a teacher. Every kid should have someone like that in their school and it’s incredibly sad that they don’t. — Comment on YouTube

I couldn’t agree more. The teacher concerned is Choirmaster Gareth Malone. A BBC series from 2007 called The Choir: Boys Don’t Sing finished its run on ABC at 6pm tonight. It was absolutely inspiring.

That relates to a third series. The one we saw is set in a very real boys’ school.

Welcome to The Lancaster School, a Specialist Sports and Arts College.

Lancaster is a comprehensive school for boys aged 11-16. We have high expectations of our pupils and expect them to strive for personal excellence and maintain high standards of discipline and behaviour at all times.

Our purpose is to ensure that the School is recognised as a symbol of excellence and an enjoyable place in which to learn and develop.

Thoroughly multicultural too, and at first far from promising for the project, but in nine months Gareth Malone had his choir singing in the Royal Albert Hall!

Totally inspiring!

And as a supplement — some may recall the Sydney High (former) student Aaron Tse from my 2007 posts.

Here is another sample: Rite of Spring – Stravinsky – 4 hand piano.