To Rosebery and back

Yesterday’s Sunday lunch was at Sirdan’s in Rosebery. P and B were also there, and Missy the Jack Russell, a recent addition to Sirdan’s entourage.

Just missed a train at Wollongong Station.



So I reached Redfern around 11 am. I called in at South Sydney Uniting Chirch in Waterloo knowing there would be coffee and tea on. Chatted with Dorothy McRae-McMahon, South Sydney Herald Trevor, Julie McRossin, norrie, and several others, and scored an assignment for the next SSH – a review of David Hicks’ Guantanamo.

Then bus to Sirdan’s.

I dropped into Elizabeth Street Surry Hills on the way back home, finding M hard at work on the final stages of the renovation. The place looks amazing – new polished wood floors, new kitchen, new paint.

At Central we were told the Wollongong train had broken down and was stuck at Bondi Junction, so we had to go to Sydenham and change trains. It didn’t take too long for the replacement train to arrive, but it had UNKNOWN DESTINATION on the front – a bit of a worry. The sign does not photograph well, but here it is.


Home by eight, and watched that lovely program on ABC about the friendship between a nun and a Protestant army nurse near Rabaul during the Japanese occupation in WWII.